Paintings of Kotel

Paintings of Kotel, Wailing Wall, Western Wall

The Kotel, also known as the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall, is an ancient wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is considered a sacred site by Jews, and it is a place where people come to pray and to leave written prayers in the cracks of the wall.

The Kotel is a remnant of the Western Wall of the Second Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. The wall is considered sacred because it is the closest extant structure to the location of the Holy of Holies, the innermost sanctum of the Second Temple. Because of its proximity to this sacred site, the Kotel has become a place of pilgrimage and devotion for Jews, who come to pray and to express their spiritual connection to the land of Israel.

The Kotel is also an important symbol of the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem and the land of Israel. For centuries, the wall has been a place where Jews have come to mourn the destruction of the Second Temple and to express their longing for the rebuilding of the temple and the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. Today, the Kotel remains a powerful symbol of Jewish identity and connection to the land of Israel.

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