Born in 1975, Alex Levin, is an artist whose works are admired worldwide. Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, has been displayed in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the U.S., Israel, France, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland and Belgium. His work focuses on surrealism and realism and features a range of work using oil, acrylic, pencil, charcoal and tempera paints. One of his favorite and most used techniques is 16th century multi-layering technique using tempera and oil without using brush strokes.

Alex levin photo Alex Levin eventually immigrated to Israel and served three years in the Israel Army. In 1997, he entered the industrial and web design program in Tel Aviv which was a great benefit for his art work. Levin’s work has been acknowledged by many influential figures, including: actor and producer Richard Gere, Madonna, jazz player Oscar Peterson, and former president of Israel Ezer Weizman.

For over 10 years, Alex was studying new art styles and techniques with Professor Baruch Elron who was the Chairman of Israel Artist Association.

Currently Alex Levin is working on the following themes: “Tradition of Jewish Heritage“, “Tel Aviv – The Hill of Spring“, “Venice through the mask’s eyes“, “Symphony of Rain“, “Roots” and “Colors of Judaism“.

Tradition of Jewish Heritage” is a collection of work of Jerusalem’s holy Western Wall and its surrounding religious neighborhood. Levin has captured the inhabitants of Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jewish Attributes and the people at the Western Wall. In 2007 Alex received the Medal Award for the Contribution to the Judaic Art from the Knesset.

Tel Aviv – The Hill of Spring” is inspired by his favorite season, and is devoted to Tel Aviv – its people, building architecture, sea and beaches.  It depicts people against snow white buildings on sunny days with clear skies.

Venice through the mask’s eyes” takes a completely unique approach and presents the viewer with the most prominent feature of Venetian carnival – the Mask. His earlier paintings from “Mask collection” were introduced in 2002 in Venice and gained Levin a scholarship to Venice Academy of Art. The program supported artist’s continuing development and enables them to devote substantial time to the creation of new work.

Symphony of Rain“. Each paintings was inspired by the music of different composers.
One painting completes the other, one composer is replaced by another, the misty morning transforms into a rainy evening and star-filled sky over the lagoon: a puzzle of forty paintings describing the dream-city on water – VENICE!

Colors of Judaism“ It helps me a lot when I present the ancient sacred prayers of the Jews, for a thousand years, I have the most important task – to pour out all this spirit, all the tears shed by the Jews mourning for the destroyed Temple. One fine day, I really wanted to depict all the millennia of Jewish history on canvas. This series is now in full swing, it will consist of 50-60 paintings, today there are already 20. People perfectly feel the good magical aura and energy emanating from my drawings, which is insanely pleasant, I am doing my job with all my heart.

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Major Exhibitions:



TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Wine festival Rishon le Zion)


TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Bitan Haomanim)


PARIS, FRANCE (Gallery le Paris Saint Merri)





BERN, SWITZERLAND (Galerie Marlyse Aebli)

HAIFA, ISRAEL (Eshkol Pais)

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Offir Gallery)

SIDNEY, AUSTRALIA (Hamilton Art Gallery)

NEW YORK, USA (Alexander Gallery)

NEW YORK, USA (Alexander Gallery)

NEW YORK, USA (Downtown by Philippe Starck, 23 Wall Street)

LOS ANGELES, USA (Beverly Hills)


NEW YORK, USA (Kosciuszko Foundation)

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (European Jewish Parliament)

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