Art Collectors Reviews

  • Rami L

    I like your abstract Jerusalem paintings. I can feel the energy

  • Noel S.

    Your new series Contemporary Judaica is stands up among any other artists doing contemporary or abstract Jewish or Jerusalem paintings. Very well done artist Alex Levin.

  • Frank

    I love the Jerusalem Temple painting so much, I have shared with my friends on Facebook. I LOVE IT.

  • Rachel

    Just wanted to say thank you very much again! We got the Kotel art work today and it's just stunning!!...we also would like to say that the whole experience of the purchase was very smooth simple and nice, from you and your availability, to the nice man at the shop who transfer as the art work. The quality of the art work is breathtaking! Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

  • Zachary

    Beautiful paintings of Kever Rachel, brings up my mood every time I'm looking at it.

  • Yorman Levy

    I like your Tel Aviv paintings.

  • Michael Slone

    We adore your temple painting in our apartment. Kol Hakavod maestro Levin.

  • Jerry Gofrin

    Great Temple Painting. One day it will be real!!! Thank you Alex Levin

  • Marty Foquet

    Great painting of Kotel, blessing for our home. Thank you Alex

  • Your Light of Torah painting is the main attraction of our school

  • Absolutely beautiful paintings of the Jerusalem Temple. What a wonderful gift you have. God bless you Alex. God bless you people of Israel

  • Dianne Martinos

    My favorite artist of the Holy Land, God bless you my brother

  • Shlomi R.

    Alex and his Jewish paintings are the true voice of Israel. God Bless you Alex

  • Ephraim

    the true voice of Israel

  • Aron Cohen

    I like Alex's paintings of the Kotel (Western Wall). I have 2 in my collection. Its nice and worth for money. I wish I had more wall space for his paintings. Shalom

  • S. Rishon

    Great painting of Alex Levin in our house.

  • Dvoira Blum

    Very good painting of the Jerusalem Temple

  • Sandy

    This painting came within a few days and it’s beautiful! It looks great in the room and we definitely recommend this company!