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Why Jewish art is so important?

It is difficult for me to provide a definitive answer to this question because the significance of Jewish paintings and art can vary depending on the individual’s cultural and personal beliefs. However, in general, Jewish art can be an important form of expression and a way to preserve and share the culture, history, and traditions of the Jewish people. It can also serve as a way to connect with one’s heritage and identity, and to explore and express Jewish ideas and themes. Additionally, Jewish art can be a powerful tool for promoting dialogue and understanding between different cultures and communities.
Jewish art, like any art, is important because it can serve as a means of expression and communication. It can be used to convey ideas, emotions, and cultural values, and can help to preserve and pass on the traditions of a particular group of people. In the case of Jewish art, this may include religious and cultural themes, and may be used to explore the Jewish experience and identity. Art can also be a source of inspiration and beauty, and can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all backgrounds.
Jewish Life Paintings is one of the most important series of my paintings through which I try to discover and convey the spirit of the Jews for thousands of years. To reveal how our ancestors used to live in Ukraine, Poland and in those places where fate threw them after Jerusalem was destroyed. The Jews were exiled to Babylon and then scattered throughout Europe. The theme of Jewish Life is a topic about which you can create a large number of paintings and each time rediscover your country and your people.
It is very important for me to show in my Jewish life series of paintings what was the Jewish leaving back then in small shtetls in Ukraine and  Europe. Their way of life, what they did, why it was so important to learn Torah. The conditions when sometimes there was no light and it was necessary to read and teach children in Cheder and pass on the knowledge of centuries-old history. Jewish life is very picturesque, especially Jewish holidays.
While working on Jewish paintings, I ‘m trying to reveal and show the light of the Jewish people in my paintings through the holidays. In order to better understand the Jewish Life, I had to travel a lot to the places where Jews lived and where during the World War II almost all of them vanished. I had to visit these shtetls where Jews used to live and then captured this in my paintings. I constantly working on Judaica theme to create new paintings. Today I am working on Contemporary Jewish art, where I convey bright colors and modern forms about the Jewish Life and traditions.

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