Painting: Next Year in rebuilt Jerusalem


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Next Year in rebuilt Jerusalem abstract painting is available as a reproduction on canvas and metal in 2 options: limited and open edition.

- Limited edition on canvas comes hand embellished, framed, numbered and signed by Alex Levin. The reproduction is from a signed limited edition of 25.
- Open edition available on canvas or metal. Canvas comes fully framed and has a traditional, classic look. Metal is more contemporary and modern look. There's no limit to the number of prints that can be made.

Each open and limited edition reproduction on canvas is Ready-to-hang wall art. What does it mean? The canvas is stretched and FULLY FRAMED. Ready for hanging on the wall.
The artwork is accompanied by the certificate of Authenticity.

Please see more information regarding the limited and open edition reproductions HERE
Contact me about this Painting Original Oil Painting available

At the end of the Passover Seder, we say "Next year in Jerusalem". This painting is a biblical painting showing the second temple, an ancient Jerusalem landscape, men in prayers, the Kotel, and City Walls. The eternal light of the Second Temple shines bright and is the secondary focus, after the Kotel. The Kotel is shown in precise detail with a realistic texture that anyone who has been to the Kotel will remember. This gorgeous Jerusalem painting has many modern elements, like its abstract background at the top.

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