jewish art shtetl painting
Painting: Sunrise over the Church of Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem This Jerusalem painting of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre captures the unique beauty of one of the most famous Christian landmarks in Israel. This original oil painting features a cool and neutral feel, with the domes of the Church reflecting both light and shadow. This gorgeous Jerusalem Church is an original oil painting perfect for those who love the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and want to remember it in art. If you’re looking for an original Jerusalem painting of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, this is an excellent choice sure to bring joy to all that see it.
Painting: Life in shtetl This Jewish painting, “Life in Shtetl 2” is a colorful and bright look at life in the Shtetl. This painting is bursting with signs of Jewish life in the past and features natural and manmade phenomena. In this Jewish painting, a young Jewish boy leads a flock of geese along a muddy path. Featuring bright blues, greens, and yellows, this delightful painting is a cheerful and uplifting look at Shtetl life. If you’re searching for an upbeat Jewish painting featuring Shtetl life, this painting is the perfect choice.
Painting: Jewish life in Shtetl Bring a Jewish painting into your life with “Jewish Life in the Shtetl,” a detail-rich painting of Jewish history. Featuring an older man reading a book with observant children listening intensely, you’ll love the timeless message of Jewish learning. This painting print abounds with signs of years past that will delight so many. While you can see signs of disrepair on the roofs of the buildings and a Church in the distance, it doesn’t seem to diminish the happiness of learning from our Jewish elders.
Painting: Tashlich Tashlich is the casting off of sins. It’s a traditional prayer usually said on the first day of Rosh HaShanah and memorialized for you to enjoy every day in this beautiful Jewish painting. During Tashlich, observant Jewish people say special prayers near a body of water. This delightful Jewish painting captures these prayers being said in the past in a rural Jewish life setting. This painting is a stoic but uplifting depiction of the special Tashlich prayers. The painting features men, women, and children surrounding a pond, casting off their sins in the Tashlich prayers.
Painting: Sounds of Shofar at Kever Rachel This is a very special Jewish painting that shows a man blowing the shofar at the “Kever Rachel” (Rachel’s Tomb). By the looks of the painting, it takes place in the past, as there is a camel parked outside and the building appears to be candle-lit. For centuries Rachel’s Tomb has been a place for the Jewish people to return to for comfort and solace. The Tomb of Rachel is absolutely stunning in this unique Jewish painting. Rachel is the Jewish mother from the past we often look to as an example as a mother who sacrifices so much to be a mother.
Painting: Pilgrims by the Rachels Tomb Take a step back in time with this inspiring painting of Rachel’s Tomb. Set in the past, we can see Jewish pilgrims and travelers stopping at Rachel’s Tomb. An example of self-sacrifice and dedication to motherhood, Rachel is a Jewish matriarch who provides comfort in many ways to the Jewish people. In this painting you can see the light of the sun shining rays of sunshine between the clouds and down onto the hills of Jerusalem. The beautiful neutral and warm tones are the perfect complement to any decor.
Painting: Pilgrims by the Cave of Machpelah – Tomb of the Patriarchs This Jewish painting depicts pilgrims near the Cave of the Machpelah (The Tomb of the Patriarchs) during ancient Israel. Located in ancient Israel and modern Hebron, this is the burial place of Jewish Matriarchs and Patriarchs: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah are buried in this tomb. The Tomb of the Patriarchs has a long history of being passed amongst those ruling the land of Israel. Today, the cave is in Hebron and available for Jewish pilgrims to visit. The painting is a beautiful look at how the Tomb might have looked in ancient times.
Painting: Cheider This is a classic Jewish painting with a classic Jewish theme – “cheider” (cheder). This playful painting print shows nine young boys in various stages of learning. One is even sleeping! It’s a whimsical painting with hints about its place in time. The map in the background says “1910,” the boys hats seem from around that time as well and the lack of electricity tells us that this is a depiction of Jewish Life before WWII (and maybe WWI). The color scheme is neutral ,with a splash of green for a chalkboard and a pale green for a door. You’ll find charming details all over, like curtains are hung on a string and Shabbos candlesticks placed high on a bookshelf.
Painting: Jewish Shoemaker This Jewish painting evokes childhood and wonder as children watch a shoemaker repair a shoe. This warm photo is filled with details that bring Jewish life alive. Whether it’s the old style scissors or the pots sitting at the hearth, the feeling of Jewish life in the Shtetl delights the senses. You can really sense the wonderment that the children feel as they watch the shoemaker at his craft. This is the perfect painting for those looking for a Jewish painting showing the Jewish tradesman of the past. This painting is rich with items from the past that really add so much atmosphere, including a menorah hiding up on the hearth.
Painting: Life in Shtetl For a Jewish painting showing rural life, this is stunning. This painting shows a Jewish man fishing with two kippah-clad boys watching. You’ll notice that the painting shows a cloudy day in the Shtetl and the building in the foreground seems to be falling apart. Chickens run wild and geese do the same. It’s not glamorous, but it is probably a lot like what Jewish life was like during Shtetl times. The boys are barefoot and one is reading a book, probably Torah! The painting is a very realistic portrayal Jewish life during Shtetl times.
Painting: Kever Rachel A beacon of light and inspiration for the Jewish people this Jewish painting shows the “Kever Rachel” (Tomb of Rachel). This beautiful blue and gold-toned painting features a man praying towards Rachel’s Tomb and a figure in the sky praying as well. The golden dome of the Kever and the candlelit interior provides a beacon of light both physically and metaphorically for the all Jewish people. Rachel is an example of Jewish woman whose faith and acts can be an example for all women. She is a matriarch whose tomb provides comfort to Jews from around the world who come to Hebron to see her tomb. Enjoy the beauty of the Tomb of Rachel all the time with this inspirational painting.
Painting: Lonely Jew praying by the Kotel “Lonely Jew by the Kotel” is a Jewish life and Jerusalem painting that shows a different side to the Kotel. Usually filled with people praying, dancing, celebrating, and even mourning, the Kotel is a special place. It’s so unusual to have so much empty space along this coveted wall. The beautiful natural neutral tones of Jerusalem stone create a warm tone and inviting picture. While the man at the Kotel is painted as alone and “lonely” there’s nothing sad about this painting. It’s inspiring to see someone who is old to make the journey to pray!
Painting: Last hours of brave Zealots on Masada This is a Jewish painting that tells a historic story in a beautiful piece of Jewish art. The painting “Last Hours of Brave Zealots on Masada” portrays the last stand of the Jewish people on Masada. Chased by fire and Romans, the people of Masada stand tall in their last hours. Masada was an ancient fort built by Herod the Great on top of a mesa near the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert. In the year 73 at the end of the Jewish Roman war, 960 Sicarii Jewish “rebels” committed suicide rather than be captured. This story remains an inspiration to the Jewish people and beyond. Discover Masada in a whole new light with this exciting painting.
Painting: The Exodus and the Babylonian Exile of Israel This painting of Jewish life takes place during the exodus and Babylonian exile. This historical painting shows Babylonians forcing Jews out while burning Jewish areas and stealing Jewish artifacts. If you’re looking for a Jewish painting from the time of the Babylonian exile, this is an excellent choice. The details on the period costumes in the painting are enthralling. The colorful Jewish people fleeing look distressed while the Babylonian soldiers look professional and intimidating. This is a fascinating painting of Jewish life during the Babylonian exile.
Painting: A Bible love store between Jacob and Rachel Biblical times Jewish paintings are so fun to see. If you always wanted to know what Yaakov and Rachel (Jacob and Rachel) looked like, here is one interpretation. Showing Yakov in a blue robe and Rachel in a red robe, this interesting composition is lit by rays of sunlight shining in from above. This romantic Jewish painting is a unique look at a couple from the Bible. While the foreground features a pop of red and blue, the background is almost entirely neutral browns, beiges, and golds. The area has some wine (or olive oil?) jugs in the background, as well as a ladder and wagon wheel. The rustic setting creates a delightful juxtaposition for the couple that is a joy to see.
Painting: Maarat Hamachpela This Jewish life painting takes place in the past at the Cave of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpela) in Hebron. This painting takes place in the past when visitors reached the cave by donkey and no electrical lights are to be seen. The stately building stands tall in the image, with the horizon very high up and composed of the Jerusalem hills. This lovely painting is a historical Jewish life painting with beautiful details of both people and nature that simply delight the eye. There are cactuses, palm trees, and olive trees and other foliage adding a touch of green to the golden stones of the Cave of the Patriarchs.
Painting: King Solomon Have you ever wondered what King Solomon looked like? This Jewish life painting “King Solomon” creates an image of this well-loved king. Dressed in a rich green robe, King Solomon stands in front of his temple smiling. Solomon was King of Israel after King David. He was born in Jerusalem in 931 BC and famously built the first temple. This is a lovely Judaica painting highlighting this momentous event for the Jewish people in Jerusalem. The painting has lovely green, gold, and blue tones that are easy on the eyes, but still draw attention.
Painting: Foremother Rachel As part of a collection of Jewish life paintings, this painting imagines what the Jewish matriarch Rachel might look like. She’s wearing traditional clothing and standing under a blossoming tree. She’s smiling and there is someone in the distance with a flock of sheep. The painting also includes a large part of a blossoming tree, festooned with small pink blooms. The soft colors and pastoral setting makes this a unique portrait. The predominance of pink and light gray and blue make it the perfect Jewish life painting if you’re looking for that color scheme, since it’s so rare to find.
Painting: Abraham and his son Isaac What a special moment in Jewish life! This Jewish painting captures a moment when Abraham is holding his baby son Isaac. So special to him, you can see his eyes gazing on his son with love and awe. This is a portrait style Jewish life painting and imagines what Abraham might have looked like. The background is simple to bring focus to the subject of the painting – Abraham and Isaac. This painting perfectly captures how Abraham might have really looked at Isaac and would be a lovely addition to many different types of decor.
Painting: Silence of Tesha be Av near the Kotel This Jerusalem painting tells the story and is called “The Silence of Tesha Be Av Near the Kotel” because it shows the Kotel on 9′ BAv. The 9th of Av is when the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the second temple. It’s one of the saddest days of the year, filled with prayer, mourning, and reflection. This unique Jerusalem painting shows a moment in time, perhaps the past but not too long ago, when people stopped to mourn at the Kotel. The close-up details of the Kotel are so eye-catching and get more interesting the more you look at this painting.
Painting: Night of Tisha be Av It’s the night of Tisha B’Av and these Jewish men are praying in candlelight in this delightful Jewish life panting. While the painting takes place at night, it’s actually quite bright because of the candle light. If this painting were a color it would be the color of candlelight. The beautiful glow of candles and men praying bring this classic Jewish theme to life. You’ll love this picture because of the unique look it has, while at the same time staying true to staying a Jewish painting that many can appreciate.
Painting: Sukkot in Kfar Chabad Synagogue This Jewish painting commemorates Sukkot in Kfar Chabad in Israel. This unique painting goes inside the synagogue and paints those celebrating Sukkot. The synagogue is brightly lit by the sun streaming through the clear glass windows on one side and coming through stained glass windows on the other side. The beautiful lighting and sacred environment make this a lovely Jewish painting that is filled with endless details that leave you discovering something new every time you look at the painting.
Painting: Cheider This Jewish life painting “Cheider 2” is a lovely artwork looking at early Jewish learning. This particular picture shows Cheider in a synagogue with a Torah, curtains, and a brick wall whose plaster has worn off. This shows a slightly more sophisticated environment that we saw in “Cheider 1,” which was definitely set at a Shtetl. This picture is unclear whether it is a small town or a larger city. Based on the hat of the boys, it seems like it could be a city and not a shtetl where boys would more commonly wear a kippah. They are wearing tzitzit, but if they are wearing a kippah it’s under their hat.
Painting: Making Matzah This Jewish painting celebrates Pesach and making Matzoh. Set in a bakery sometime in the past, an old man bakes matzoh the traditional way while another man and some boys look on. The wood-fired stove gives off a warm glow and earthy tones. And we even see a hint of the flames in the traditional brick oven where the matzos are cooking. Set through a glass window is a set of men rolling out more matzoh for baking. This unique Jewish life painting celebrates Passover and is a great piece of decor year-round.
Painting: Boys Time “Boys Time” is a Jewish painting featuring two boys studying in a synagogue. The two boys are dressed in clothes from the fast and feature blue kippah, brown vests, and plain white shirts. The painting is set in a synagogue warmly lit by the sun. There are two candies and an apple on the table on which the boys study, which is covered in a red cloth. This is a beautiful still life portrait of two young boys and represents a critical moment in the Jewish life, in the form of a lovely Jewish portrait painting.
Painting: The Tailor Two children look on as a tailor works in this beautiful Jewish painting. Warmly lit by a hearth, this heartwarming scene shows an old man who is a tailor at work at the table while two young kids watch in awe. This lovely Jewish life painting has many interesting details that make it fun to look at. Whether it’s the slight smile of the younger boy or the partially burned candle on the shelf, the details of this painting are a delight to discover. The warm golden yellows and beige tones play off of skin tones and natural fire-lit surfaces. The juxtaposition of the people with the surroundings suggest that they are full of light, themselves bringing a unique glow.
Painting: Cheider In this Jewish painting, we look into a “Cheider” where Jewish boys are studying together. The joy of Jewish learning is captured perfectly in this painting. You’ll love the subtle smiles and looks of wonders on the faces of both teacher and student in this Jewish life artwork. Studying is a huge part of life for Jewish boys, so it’s no surprise that grown men love this painting as they remember the joy they felt discovering Jewish learning when they were the age of the boys in the painting, even if it was long ago.
Painting: Rachels Tomb (Kever Rachel) This Jewish painting features “Kever Rachel” (Rachel’s Tomb) in the past. The tomb in this particular painting is in need of restoration. The surroundings of the Tomb of Rachel in this painting are a village, olive groves, and dirt roads. It’s definitely not in modern times, but it’s not in the ancient past. You can see two men with a cart and that there are many paved paths through the hills. The colors in this painting are striking with a bright blue sky contrasting with spring green grass and a white & brick tomb.
Painting: Tombs of the Patriarchs (Maarat Hamachpela) The “Tombs of the Patriarchs” in this Jewish painting are so fun to look at. In this painting, you can see that the Tombs have aged a big and the rocks have weathered from ancient times. It’s still a source of inspiration for the Jewish people and you can see people praying in this picture. The Tomb is surrounded by interesting things in this picture. The red brick and roofs provide a pop of color and the olive of the trees are both so characteristic of the Hebron and Jerusalem hills. This painting is a gorgeous way to remember Jewish life in the past.
Painting: Moses leads the Exodus from the Egypt This Exodus painting is a fascinating Jewish painting portraying Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. Surrounded by cerulean waves on both sides and the red mountains of Egypt on the horizon, we meet Moses and the Jewish people as they are emerging from a path through the Red Sea. Moses is strong and striking, wearing a blue robe covered with a bright red shawl. This is the perfect painting to commemorate Passover (Pesach) and is a really awe-inspiring portrayal of Moses that anyone would love to have on their walls.
Painting: Torah Reading One of the most interesting Jewish paintings and portraits is this one called “Torah Reading 2.” Featuring two men reading the Torah in a synagogue, you can almost feel the energy as the look at this sacred text. The surroundings of the synagogue are white and very light, airy, and open feeling. Rays of sunlight dance in the windows, illuminating the two men busy reading. This painting has many fascinating textures, like the cover of the tallit, or the velvety Torah cover, or the mens’ beards, it’s just so fun to gaze at this painting.
Painting: Torah Study This painting is a Jewish painting showing Torah study. This richly colored painting features two boys engaged with studying Torah under the guidance of an old man who is looking down on them closely. The scene is set inside an older building, with light coming in through the glass panes. Jewish life is so filled with the study of Torah, it’s so enjoyable to see a painting that shows this delightful practice. You’ll love the intensity of color, the richness of expression, and the small details in this gorgeous Jewish painting.
Painting: Wonderful Chanukah lights A Jewish painting for Chanukah is here! This beautiful painting features a family lighting the Hanukkah candles. The warm glow of the candles spreads light through this warm scene. The windows also show light coming in, for an interesting juxtaposition of the light outside and the light inside. The winding staircase creates an interesting architectural feature that draws the eye up towards interesting details. Some of the fine details that bring joy to this painting are Shabbat candles up on a shelf, laundry hanging over the stairs, a vase of flowers, hanging pots and pans, a broom, and more items that show us what Jewish life was like in this home.
Painting: Selecting the Willow, Myrtle and Etrog Sukkot is the theme of this Jewish painting. For Jewish men observing Sukkot, the selection of the willow, myrtle and etrog are an important part of the holiday. Sukkot is a special holiday during which observant Jews not only eat only in a sukkah. At first glance this Jewish ritual is timeless, but if we look closely into the background there are hunts of days past. The building construction seems to suggest Europe an dthe dress of the men suggests that this does not take place during modern times. Also enjoyable are the little details of the painting, for example the slight variations in Etrog are eye catching and show fascinating details. This is a stunning portrait perfect for a Sukkot themed Jewish painting.
Painting: Torah Study Why not buy a Jewish painting showing Torah study? One of the most important books in the history of the Jewish people is the Torah. And for observant Jews studying Torah is a part of everyday life. This beautiful painting captures multiple generations of Jewish men busy in studying and discussing Torah. The bold blue curtain and bright light rays coming in the window frame six men in various stages of Torah study. Brighten up any room’s decor with this inspiring and detailed painting. You won’t tire of finding whimsical details, like a candle on the table, or a half-hidden hourglass.
Painting: Shoemaker This whimsical Jewish painting shows children watching a shoemaker in Europe. Busy at work, the elderly shoemaker draws the attention of the children who look at him in awe. You can see that the oldest boy is missing a shoe and can se that he’s come to the shoemaker to either get a new shoe made or fix his hold shoe. The bright blue sky peaks through the busy European buildings and cobblestoned road to show a slice of life from Jewish times past. The bright sun of the day shines even down this path, as you can see the children lit by beams of light that light the face of the shoemaker as well as he uses the light of day to craft the boy’s shoes.
Painting: Dancing with Torah at the Venice Synagogue If you want a joyful Jewish painting, this one is just delightful. Featuring dancing men in the Venice synagogue, the bright red velvets combined with gilded Torah and bimah coverings create a festive mood. If you’re looking for a red-toned Jewish painting this one is one of the most striking red paintings of Jewish life you can find. The rich details of not only the architecture, but the faces of the celebrants creates a painting rich with details and new things to discover. This is a perfect painting for all ages.
Painting: Magnificent light of Menorah This Jewish painting of Hanukkah shows the lighting of the menorah in the past. The beautiful Hanukkah menorahs glow with all the lights, showing us that it’s the final day of Hanukkah. The table has fried doughnuts and another menorah. One of the most joyful times in the lives of Jewish families is Hanukkah. Lighting the candles is a tradition that all members of the family gather together to do in order to celebrate the continuation of the Jewish people. Celebrate the festival of lights with this painting “Magnificent Light of Menorah.”
Painting: By the Kotel at Tesha be Av The evening of Tesha B’Av is a sad evening for the Jewish people, as it commemorates the destruction of the 2nd Temple and the diaspora. In this inspiring photo, the Kotel is lit by the candlelight of scholars who have come to study on one of the holiest nights of the year. This Jewish painting captures one day of the year in a very special light. If you’re looking for a meaningful Jewish painting, this one is full of faith, inspiration, and the glory of Torah study. You’ll love the details in the stones of the Kotel as well as the faces of the men.
Painting: Purim Celebration This Jewish painting is full of color and life, which is no surprise when you learn that it’s about Purim. Upon closer look, you can observe children dressed in various costumes on a cobblestoned street. The setting is in an alley and it’s not clear exactly where. The streetlamps and electric wires indicate sometime in modern times. The festive costumes of the children light up the costume, with kinds and queens predominating. For a Jewish painting celebrating Purim, this is an excellent choice. Bring some joy and Purim festiveness into any room with this lovely Purim painting.
Painting: Chuppah Celebration One jewish painting that is sure to get attention is “Chuppah Celebration.” This whimsical, joyful, and happy painting captures Jewish life in the village. This particular slice of village life is a Jewish wedding, one of the greatest joys in the Jewish life cycle. The painting is filled with men dancing, as a woman stands modestly under the chuppah in a white gown and veil. The men are depicted in motion and you can feel the joy emanating from their faces. It might take you a minute to notice, but there are no artificial lights in the picture. This beautiful Jewish scene takes place under the light of a bright moon and a sky speckled with white stars.
Painting: New worker This striking Jewish painting tells the story of a “New Worker.” Set in a village, you can see a young boy coming to some kind of shop with his parents. The shopkeeper cheerfully greets him and places a paternal muscled hand on his shoulder. This picture is full of signs of village life – straw-repaired roofs, wagon wheels, buckets, and buildings festooned with vines. The expectant smiles of the boys in the picture captures the excitement as they are looking forward to having a new friend. The neutral colors are perfect for any decor.
Painting: Enjoying the grandson What joy! This whimsical Jewish painting captures the joy shared between grandfather and grandchildren. Set in a modern city, this aged grandfather’s smile lights up the room as he watches his grandchildren. His grandson, clad in a kippah, sits at the window reading a book. The sparse kitchen is warm feeling and features a huge window overlooking greenery. There’s nothing like grandfather’s house and this joyful Jewish painting captures this moment so beautifully. The painting is neutral with splashes of cool blue in the form of a curtain, baby’s blanks, ball, bowl, and boy’s kippa.
Painting: Purim at Mea Shearim Purim in Jerusalem is a special topic for an exciting Jewish painting. This painting celebrates one of the most exciting and happy Jewish holidays – Purim! One of the most famous places to see Purim is Mea Shearim, a neighborhood in Jerusalem that is mostly observant Jews. This painting takes place in modern Israel, as we can see by the electric wires and solar-heated water tanks. The mood of Mea Shearim is cheerful – even the hanging laundry seems more colorful than usual in this town where most people wear black and white. The intricate wrought iron and architectural features create a realistic view of Jerusalem today. This cheerful painting is sure to light up any room.
Painting: Winter Sabbath in Williamsburg This Jewish painting captures Jewish life in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is a part of New York with a significant Jewish population. As such it supports large synagogues like the one you see in this picture. The New York winter is painted in shades of gray, peach, and blue. The snow on the ground looks cold and crunchy, and the icicles on the building simply ice cold. And while the weather outside is cold, the hearts of the men are warmed with Torah. It’s inspiring to see that even in cold weather talk of the Torah on Shabbat cannot be stopped.
Painting: Purim in Jerusalem This Jerusalem painting celebrates Purim. The bright Jerusalem stone path, buildings, and archways frame a few children and a dad in Jerusalem. The entire painting is from the point of view of inside an archway. Peering out the archway we see a little prince facing a little bride, holding her father’s hand. Purim is a special holiday and the people of Jerusalem celebrate it with vigor. The costumed children provide a whimsical juxtaposition to the sandy stones and floral decorations. This painting can bring Purim joy anywhere.
Painting: Sukkoth, praying by the Kotel Praying at the Kotel is one of the topics most painted in Jewish paintings. This particular painting takes place during Sukkot, when observant Jews pray with a lulav and etrog. This beautiful portrait style painting looks away from the Kotel into the faces of those praying. This unique angle on a Kotel painting shows the varied looks and emotional connections of the men engaged in prayers. The prayers of Sukkot, captured in this painting, are inspiring and beautiful. If you’re looking for a Jerusalem Sukkot painting, this one is just perfect.
Painting: Street of Zfat A Jewish painting in Tzfat, this lovely artwork is filled with cool colors and interesting shadows. In this light and airy painting, a man and a girl walk through the arches of ancient Tzfat. The light of the sun reflects through the arches and the shadows create interesting shapes in this Jewish painting. Tzfat is a special place for the Jewish people and is often thought of as having mystical powers. This elegant picture captures a simple day in Tzfat and a little girl on a walk. The beautiful cool and neutral tones are perfect for any decor.
Painting: Sabbath at the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem If you’re looking for a Jerusalem painting with a touch of Zionism, you’ll love this “Sabbath at the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem” painting. Featuring the famous steps of the Old City Jerusalem, we see an observant Jewish man climbing the steps with his son. While the date isn’t clear, you can see that the flags of Israel line the street. This painting of the old city has little direct light, but in the shadows we get a unique look at the Jerusalem Stone. Painted from the perspective of inside an archway, you’ll notice that the stairs climb all the way up to the horizon. For a Jerusalem painting that features Jewish life and the Israeli flag, this one is a stunning choice.
Painting: Silence of Tesha be Av near the Kotel This Jerusalem painting is called “Morning of Tesha B’Av Near the Kotel” captures men deep in prayer, reflection, and thought on one of the most solemn days of the Jewish year. The Jerusalem stone in this picture appears speckled and full of texture. The men appear in brown clothes and yellowed tallit. They look both focused and exhausted. For a unique picture of Tesha B’Av, this is a lovely choice that shows not only the sorrow, but the dedication and reflection of Tesha B’Av. With neutrals, browns, and yellows, this is the perfect Jewish painting for someone who wants a yellow and brown-toned look.
Painting: Three men walking in Jerusalem The subject of this Jewish painting is “Three Men Walking in Jerusalem.” Set from inside an archway, the painter looks out on a beautiful Jerusalem alleyscape filled with ancient Jerusalem stone on all sides. From the arches above to the walls to the paved ground, Jerusalem stone is the main topic in this painting after the men walking. Set in somewhat modern times, we can see electric lamps set up, Israeli flags and signed of commerce. If you want a Jerusalem painting that emits a feeling of peace and quiet, this could be the perfect one. There’s nothing like the silence of Jerusalem when you find yourself alone or in the ancient paths of this gorgeous city.
Painting: First wisdom lesson Jewish paintings can be so full of surprises! In this whimsical painting we see three generations. Set inside the synagogue, the subjects sit at a table, illuminated by natural light coming in through the stained glass windows. Featuring a small child on the lap of what is presumably their father, this painting shows the handing down of Jewish studies from generation to generation. The neutral tones of sunlit wood and brick combine with the warm tones of sunlight to create an ethereal feeling. You’ll love the attention to detail in the faces of this lovely Jewish painting.
Painting: Torah reading Reading the Torah is such an important part of Jewish life. In this painting, we see a man reading the Torah. He is lit by candles and seems to be inside some kind of synagogue. The warm candles light the white fabric of his tallit, turning it tan. The seriousness of this painting is evident and the details of the background are sparse, instead focusing on the shadows, texture, and details of the subject of this portrait. The wooden background and the candlelit mood make this a lovely painting for those who are looking for a natural indoors Jewish painting.
Painting: Tzfat- Safed Tzfat/Safed is a popular subject in Jewish paintings. This beautiful Jewish life painting shows a father and son walking together, presumably on Shabbat. The unique architecture of Tzfat shines through in the details of this paintings, such as the chimney for a wood burning stove and stone details. This Jewish painting has lovely touches of blues, including the railings and doors. This is a special blue that we see throughout Tzfat. We we see some lights, so we can assume that it’s in modern times. We also see modern drainage grates and manicured pathways. If you’re looking for a picture of Tzfat, this one is sure to delight.
Painting: Light of Torah “Light of Torah” is a stunning Jewish painting that puts the Torah right in the center. Taking place in an simple but elegant synagogue, we see men engaged in prayer. The warm glow of the sun from the outside in lights the building, along with oil or candle-lit lamps. The lovely neutral tones play a frame for the Torah, who is the real subject of this painting. If you’re looking for a Jewish painting that shows the Torah, this is a delightful choice. Filled with details, this painting is a joy to look at time and time again.
Painting: The day before the Sukkoth The day before Sukkot is Jewish painting that celebrates the selection of the lulav and etrog. Among observant Jews, selecting the right lulav and etrog is very important. In this moving portrait, we can see the intent and focus of two men inspecting a etrog. The beautiful yellow citron-y etrogs are treasured objects and chosen with the utmost care. This painting takes place in modern times, as you can see by the etrog wrapping. Each individual etrog is wrapped in a plastic bubble to preserve its unique shape and perfect condition. For a Jewish painting on the subject of Sukkot, this is a perfect choice.
Painting: Praying by the Kotel Have you had a chance to pray by the Kotel? This Jewish painting “Praying by the Kotel,” features a variety of men engaged deeply in prayer. This painting shows the rough hewn stones of the kotel and their rich textures in a delightful play of neutral tones and shadows. The painting is inspiring and gives off the feeling that you are standing among something great. And indeed the Kotel is one of the most important Jewish places in the world that continues to be a place of prayer and inspiration.
Painting: Power of Praying The power of prayer is clear to those who pray. In this beautiful Jewish portrait painting, we see a man engaged in prayer with all of his heart and soul. The emotional painting captures the man mid-prayer, fist clenched, with a relaxed but focused face and a straight back. This painting takes place at the Kotel and you can see the sones in the background of the painting, with small pieces of greenery peeking out. If you are looking for a Jewish painting that shows prayer, this is a powerful portrait that would be lovely in any decor.
Painting: Huppah in Jerusalem The huppah is the canopy under which Jewish couples get married. This whimsical and cheerful painting shows a chuppah scene in Jerusalem. We can see the characteristic architectural features of Jerusalem in the background, with the focus of the scene on wedding celebrants. For a Jewish painting on the subjects of Jewish weddings, this one is a delightful choice. The juxtaposition of the moonlit sky with the neutral shades of natural Jerusalem stone and the bright red and orange wedding carpet and chupa creates an interesting painting with tons of details.
Painting: Beit Kneset Hurva The Bet Knesset Hurva is the subject of this beautiful Jewish painting. The synagogue is beautiful and filled with rich details. Men are thoughtfully engaged in prayer and children watch in wonder or try to join. The beautiful synagogue features a bimah with gold details. The inside of the building is predominately neutrals, with a pop of red carpet and red & gold Torah. The bimah is gold and features the inscription “If you forget Jerusalem…” This is a lovely Jewish painting with many details to discover.
Painting: Birkat Kohanim Birkat HaKohanim is a special prayer also known as the Priestly Blessing. In this Jerusalem painting set at the Kotel, we see men engaged in praying the Priestly blessing. This picture takes place close to the stones of the Kotel walls and is a beautiful opportunity to see the textures, colors, and shadows of the Kotel up close. Most of the men in this picture are clad in white Tallit as they pray, aside from one man that peeks out from his tallit and a few boys in across the sea of praying men. The point of view of the painter is in the shade of the men’s section, looking towards the (not visible clearly) women’s section. What a lovely painting of men praying in Jerusalem!
Painting: Praying by the Kotel In this gorgeous Jewish painting, “Praying by the Kotel” we see an older man, clad with both gray head and gray beard, holding his hands towards the Kotel in prayer. The up-close view of the Kotel is a beautiful backdrop for this intense portrait. You’ll love the way that you can see the details in the stones, with a different look and texture representing the wall of the Kotel, the wall next to the Kotel, and the cobblestoned plaza floor. For a Jewish life portrait featuring prayer, this is a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing choice.
Painting: Huppah in Jerusalem This is the second painting in a series showing a wedding in Jerusalem. This colorful Jewish painting has touches of blue, white, lavender, and red festooning a traditional Jewish wedding. The painting takes place while the pride is under the chuppah, walking to the groom. This is right before the marriage ceremony begins. This fun walk is a joyous occasion filled with song, cheer, and laughter which is evident in the painting. Featuring many colors, this delightful Jewish painting is the perfect accent to any decor.
Painting: On the way Home In the painting “On the Way Home,” we see an old man and a young boy walking in Jerusalem. This beautiful Jewish painting features lots of warm neutrals from the natural Jerusalem stone which makes up the walls and paths in this painting. Featuring Israeli flags, many people looking for a Zionist Jerusalem painting enjoy this one. It includes not only a religious element, but also a bit of Israeli pride. The painting is filled with neutrals, but features pops of blue in the Israeli flag and some greenery spilling down from the windows above.
Painting: Birkat Kohanim Birkat Kohanim (the Priestly Blessing) is the title of this Jerusalem painting. Set at the Kotel, this painting shows a group of men engaged in the Priestly Blessing. The natural Jerusalem stone neutrals pair well with the whites and yellows of the tallits in the sea of praying men. The way the sun falls on the Kotel shows the rich texture of the wall. For a Jerusalem painting that features the Priestly Blessing, this is a striking choice with many whites and neutrals that make it perfect for blending in with any decor.
Painting: Mincha at the Kotel Mincha is the afternoon prayer service. This Jewish Jerusalem painting shows men at the Kotel engaged in the Mincha. The rich texture of the Kotel walls has details that don’t stop, with most of the wall brightly sunlit. The men praying represent a variety of Jewish religious beliefs and ages. The variety of men praying is a testament to the growth and changes in the country of Israel. If you’re looking for an interesting Kotel painting, perhaps this is the one that can be your new favorite? This painting features mostly neutral colors and whites.
Painting: Praying by the Wall Striking! This Jerusalem painting shows the Kotel up close and it’s simply stunning. The gorgeous browns and natural cracks and crannies are portrayed with such detail that it’s hard to stop looking at this painting. Standing at the wall praying is one man. He’s dressed in black and covered with a Tallit, so we don’t really see much of the main. The Kotel is the main star of this painting and if you love the texture of the Kotel, this is a quality you will rarely find! For Kotel painting collectors, this is a must have.
Painting: To the Light In this beautiful Jerusalem painting “To The Light” an older man clad in a Shabbat gown, kippah, and tallit climbs the narrow stairs of Jerusalem. This interesting painting is from the angle of “down the stairs” looking up. The painter sits inside a tunnel looking up. The old man looks elegant and graceful, supported by a cane. The lovely neutral tones are highlighted by lovely green vines/greenery spilling down from Jerusalem’s windows. Mostly neutral, this painting is a great choice of a Jerusalem painting that is almost entirely neutral toned.
Painting: Power of Kotel The Kotel is one of the most important places in the world. Have you been to the Kotel? Did you feel closer to G-d? Many people who pray at the Kotel report feeling closer to G-d there than anywhere else. Perhaps this is why Kotel paintings are so popular. This beautiful Kotel painting has a rich variety of neutrals, beiges, and browns as it paints men in prayer and the Kotel itself. The texture of the two wall surfaces and the ground are fascinating and detailed in this interesting painting of Jerusalem. Perfect for any decor.
Painting: Last shopping before Shabbat If you’re Jewish and keep Shabbat you know what it’s like doing the last bit of shopping before Shabbat. This whimsical Jewish painting looks at the streets of Jerusalem as Shabbat comes. A man and his son buy challah. Two older men discuss the wares, with one gesturing with his hand as so many in Israel do. The neutral stones are brightened up by amber highlights, and near-white Jerusalem stones bathed in sun. This whimsical painting is a lovely representation of Jewish life on Shabbat. The soft bright colors can match many different color schemes and decors.
Painting: Huppa on the roof by the Kotel Did you get married in front of the Kotel? A Jewish wedding at the Kotel is the subject of this Jewish painting. This painting is filled with amazing details of Jerusalem. You can see the olive groves and rolling hills approaching the horizon and a Jerusalem Old Cityscape on the left, meeting a perfect view of the Kotel. This Jewish wedding painting is a great painting to give to someone for a wedding or anniversary. It’s also a unique painting of the Kotel, so many people who love Kotel paintings will also love this look at the Kotel from a Jewish wedding.
Painting: Hanukkah in Jerusalem This Jewish painting is all about Hanukkah! The festival of lights is one of children’s favorites, which is why it’s so fun to see this painting about Hanukkah. In this whimsical look at Hanukkah, an older man lights a menorah as children watch. This Jerusalem painting has a few unique features that make it special. First, we can see the bright big moon in the sky lighting up the architectural landscape of old Jerusalem. Second, the man and boys are lit up by candlelight. The juxtaposition of moonlight and candlelight creates many plays of light and shadow. Whether you’re looking for a Hanukkah painting or just any Jerusalem painting, this one can really brighten the day of someone who sees it.
Painting: Journey to pray with Rachel Rachel’s Tomb is the theme of this Jewish painting taking place right outside of Jerusalem in the Hebron Hills. Rachel’s Tomb (Kever Rachel in Hebrew) has been a place for Jewish travelers and pilgrims to stop and get solace. This beautiful painting shows Rachel’s tomb in ancient times. Many elements combine to give this painting texture, depth, and detail. Two camels rest under a twisted olive tree, two camels are in the distance down the path, already walking to their next destination. While it’s not clear exactly when this Jewish painting takes place, camel is definitely the preferred mode of transport!
Painting: Teaching the lesson In this Jerusalem painting, a man and two small children stand at the Kotel wall, filled with notes. The man stands with a round fur hat and the boys are clad in blue velvet kippah and dressed in black and white. There is nothing like a father trying to teach his sons. You can see by the expression and stance of the father in this picture that it’s important for him to properly teach his boy. This painting features neutrals, browns, and whites with a pop of red. The stone wall of the Kotel is striking in this photo.
Painting: At the market of Mea Shearim Mea Sharim Jerusalem is the subject of this vibrant Jerusalem painting. Set in modern times, we can see electrical wires dangling down and air conditioners hanging perilously. If you’re looking for a painting of Mea Shearim Jerusalem, this one is a lovely choice. The bright colors of the fruits and vegetables present a fun contrast to the black and brown coats of the men. All of the people in this photograph are religious because that’s what Mea Shearim is like. This realistic painting is a happy look at a very interesting neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Painting: Mea Shearim Mea Shearim in Jerusalem is the subject of this Jewish painting. This realistic painting shows life in modern times. A man walks along the street smoking as two women stand outside talking under hanging laundry. A lovely green tree and cerulean blue sky along with a terra cotta rooftop and the women’s dress provide color in a neighborhood known for black and white. What a lovely portrait of everyday life in Mea Shearim! This whimsical Jerusalem painting can go with any type of decor and provide endless details to look for.

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