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Jewish paintings are a favorite item for people to buy when they visit Israel. Original Jewish art, Judaica, and design are all at the top of the tourist’s list of
Jerusalem and Jewish Paintings
It’s very difficult to designate a genre of a picture of the well known Israeli artist, Alex Levin "Welcome to Jerusalem", at first sight. What is it a modern Jerusalem
The Victory of 1967, Painting by Alex Levin
Alex Levin’s new series of paintings is devoted to theme of Zionism and the State of Israel. This is the most unfashionable topic in the modern Israel for artists, and
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We are talking about an artist who received a phone call from the founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg to apologize for deleting Alex Levin’s page. His account was restored,
7 марта 2017 года в художественной жизни «русско-еврейского Израиля» произошло незаурядное событие: в пятерку топ-лотов, проданных на аукционе, проведенном известной тель-авивской галереей «Matsart», вошли две картины нашего дважды соотечественника Александра
Symphoy of rain
Venice is a truly magical place. It's a museum-city, sea-city, dream-city. Venice cannot be seen with an outsider's eyes - cannot be felt with an outsider's heart. Often enough, the
Алекс Левин: "О художнике, который не присутствует в Интернете, в соцсетях, никто не узнает" Мы беседуем с художником, который получил телефонный звонок от основателя соцсетей Facebook Марка Цукерберга: тот извинился за удаление страницы Алекса
man walking in jerusalem painting
The work by Alex Levin named “To the Light” is very unusual with it’s genre. It’s one of the most mysterious paintings of the talented Israeli artist – at least
gold menorah in jerusalem
The painting ‘Light to the Nations’ is one of the most recent works by the Israeli artist Alex Levin. It is the sign of his art coming of new age.
Jerusalem and Jewish Paintings
The painting by Alex Levin called ‘Migdal David morning Glow’ is very unusual in many respects. There is no square at the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem on
Birkat Kohanim Priestly Blessing by Alex Levin
Birkat Kohanim, is dedicated to an event one can observe in the Old City (by the Western Wall) just twice a year – in the days of Passover and Sukkot,
Vanished World, Painting by Alex Levin
An Israeli artist Alex Levin, Jewish in spirit, has come a long way to the topic that many masters do not dare touch all their creative life. And it can