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Contemporary Jerusalem Painting
About contemporary Judaica Jewish art is also known as Judaica, meaning Jew’s artifacts, particularly ritual objects that portray their culture and religion. Contemporary Jewish art is modern. The creativity shown
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History of Jewish and Judaica Art Jewish art is also popularly known as Judaica, which refers to an array of objects that are used by Jews for mainly ritual purposes.
Contemporary Jerusalem Painting
About Contemporary Jerusalem Art Contemporary Jerusalem Art lived and prospered in four different art worlds as Russia, Paris, the United States, and the land of Israel Jerusalem artists of the
About contemporary Judaica Art Recognized as the “people of the book” segment of Judaism’s outstanding contribution to humanity is its flow of texts in his contemporary Judaica Art. It is
Contemporary Jerusalem Painting
  "The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” With these words the
Contemporary Jerusalem Painting
About contemporary Judaica Art Judaica, well known as Jewish art, is explicitly based on culture and Jewish tradition, all of which have been accompanying us for many centuries. There are
contemporary jerusalem art
Today I will tell you how the painting “Indivisible Jerusalem” was created. This contemporary Jerusalem painting is painted in a modern style with bright colors and random brushstrokes. Until today,
alex levin in venice
I’m taking an interview with the Israeli artist Alex Levin. “Alex, what age did you start drawing and please tell me when did you come to Israel and how did
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For me, Jerusalem is love at first sight. When I arrived in Israel 30 years ago and first saw this city, I was so fascinated by it and immediately realized
Rain of light in Tel Aviv, Painting by Alex Levin
Today I want to invite you to my favorite city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv translates as the Hill of Spring, but today I want to invite you to rainy
Tel Aviv painting
We continue traveling in Israel. Today I invite you to the most unusual city in Israel, old Jaffa or Yafo. They say that this is one of the oldest ports
Dead sea salt
Dear friends, I would like to share with you my first trip of 2020. The first trip this year to the Holy Land in Israel began with the lowest place