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Jerusalem, the place chosen by God abstract painting is available as a reproduction on canvas and metal in 2 options: limited and open edition. - Limited edition on canvas comes hand embellished, numbered and signed by Alex Levin. The reproduction is from a signed limited edition of 25. - Open edition available on canvas or metal. Canvas comes fully framed and has a traditional, classic look. Metal is more contemporary and modern look. There's no limit to the number of prints that can be made. Each open and limited edition reproduction on canvas is Ready-to-hang wall art. What does it mean? The canvas is stretched and FULLY FRAMED. Ready for hanging on the wall. The artwork is accompanied by the certificate of Authenticity.

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I created the new picture about Jerusalem with the help of the wind of the Judean desert and the spirit  of the of indivisible Jerusalem on the same place where our prophets once walked.

So what is in common between the creation of the universe and my new painting?

Just like the Universe was created from a black abyss, so my painting appeared from a black background. In order to create this work, I used the magic air of Holly Jerusalem, wind from the Judean desert and the divine of the Holy City.

In my new painting “Jerusalem, the place chosen by God”, it was important for me to show and feel the whole world and the energy using the colors of the wind, light and canvas. At the beginning I painted the entire canvas black, and then I dissolve the black paint very fluidly and scattered the oil on the canvas and the wind carried them randomly all over the canvas. An amazing picture is born before my eyes, the wind of the Judean desert is sometimes so strong that you have to hold the canvas with 2 hands and watch the oil paint fly from one side to the other as if the divine presence is so close. After the nature and gravity did it’s work, I take a brush and try to outline the contours of Holy Jerusalem. Sometimes it takes a long time to peer into the chaos on the canvas until suddenly the outlines and contours of Jerusalem begin to emerge. All that remains from me is quickly trace and draw what I just saw. This picture is born very quickly and suddenly we no longer see a black canvas, we see streams of energy that penetrate, the light that comes from the picture like the rays of the sun at dawn. In the foreground we see the walls of old Jerusalem and behind them the gates of the old city, and suddenly the holy city of David, Holy Jerusalem. In this painting, I tried to use the minimum number of colors from white, yellow, brown and black.

The next painting I will try to do with the help of the air and wind of Israel so that the paintings would be saturated with the history of this holy country and with its prayers.

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