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gold menorah in jerusalem
The painting ‘Light to the Nations’ is one of the most recent works by the Israeli artist Alex Levin. It is the sign of his art coming of new age.
Jerusalem Paintings
The painting by Alex Levin called ‘Migdal David morning Glow’ is very unusual in many respects. There is no square at the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem on
Birkat Kohanim Priestly Blessing
Birkat Kohanim, is dedicated to an event one can observe in the Old City (by the Western Wall) just twice a year – in the days of Passover and Sukkot,
Vanished World, Painting by Alex Levin
An Israeli artist Alex Levin, Jewish in spirit, has come a long way to the topic that many masters do not dare touch all their creative life. And it can

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