An interesting program with the famous Israeli artist Alex Levin aired on the RTVI channel “Walks in Israel” Alex Levin.

The program was released in 53 countries of the world!
Alex Levin is a magician, for him a miracle is an ordinary thing. He created many wonderful things. Alex can “create” the Third Jerusalem Temple (Beis Hamikdash, Hebrew). He controls magic, and we, those who are close to him, feel this magic. It is very sunny, like his paintings, like the sun of our south.
I was always amazed, there are people who are so smart, interested, much smarter than me, and I have always envied them and admired their talents and skills. Although in life Alex is an ordinary person, whose palms simply believe in the strength of their hands, he is in the mountains “in conjunction with one with you” and “will not leave you alone”. I was lucky enough to meet Alex Levin on a hike. I am very lucky with people, I am very lucky for empathy, but how often are I lucky to be on the same wavelength with “the other”? Alex speaks the language that seems more honest to him. Shares his mood, hint, allusion. It frankly evokes sympathy. This is a gift that is worth a lot – the gift of being in joy. But this is a talent – to be beautiful, try – be. And he can, and also your “paints the sky.” There is no external without internal. This is his “language”, the way, the style of communication with the world, with life, and with himself.
Alex openly confesses his love for Israel. This is also very interesting for me, many people came to Israel precisely because they wanted to live only in this country! And when you listen to Alex, there is a rethinking. Many and many! I am very interested in what and how they tell me. And when they “tell”, they do not neglect the “listener”, the “spectator”, I am grateful, and I feel a “push” towards me. And when my “emptiness” inside breaks through into the “outside” world with such good luck, I believe that there is something there.
How many more uncrossed pages!
“There will be, Anya, there will still be!”
Thanks, Alex! I realized that I want more. I also want to be “surprised”!
P.S. Take a look! Very interesting, there is a whole world …

~ Anna Yatsenko

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