Tapestry Maarat Hamachpela



Tapestry by Alex Levin

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Tapestry: Maarat Hamachpela. Size 36"x26"

- The same warmth and light that spills from Alex`s paint palette is reflected on our elegant Jacquard woven cotton tapestry wall hanging. Displaying his idyllic scene of Israel.

- Ready to add to your room decor, with included metal rod and fittings for wall display; fully lined; measures 36" x 26".

- Affordable and easy to install, this piece of art makes a great conversation piece. Whether you’re adding warmth and charm to your rustic home, or bringing a bit of the country life to your city home – this tapestry is for you.

- You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, as our designs are intricately woven on Jacquard looms for stunning quality and a lasting durability.