Sukkah Art Banner Murals: Tombs of the Patriarchs in Hebron (Maarat Hamachpela)


Sukkah Art Decoration Banner Mural by Alex Levin

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Paintings and Wall Decor

A unique quality and decoration for your Sukkah directly from the artist, Alex Levin.

Can be used inside of your Sukkah or an outside as a regular high quality art banner.

The same warmth and light that spills from Alex's paint palette is reflected on our Sukkah Art banners. Displaying his idyllic scenes of Israel and Judaism.

Ready to add to great décor and spirit to your Sukkah walls.

Affordable and easy to hang, this piece of art makes a great addition to your Sukkah.

Made in USA.

– Printed with latex inks for extreme color vibrancy and long-lasting durability
– Premium vinyl  13oz
– UV inhibitors for outdoor use
– Fade resistant
– Sun and Water resistant
– Anti-yellowing

– Pre-installed metal grommets

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