Dead sea salt

Dear friends, I would like to share with you my first trip of 2020. The first trip this year to the Holy Land in Israel began with the lowest place on the globe, and this of course is the Dead Sea. In order to see the Dead Sea in all its glory, I came at night to see how the moon rises over the mountains of the Jordan and how the salt pillars leave the Salt Sea on Earth. Always on my trips I take my Nikon camera.

I’ve photographed more than 100,000 photos lately. But this time, waking up at dawn, to see how the sun rises and illuminates the entire coast of the Dead Sea, and suddenly my camera fell on the salt mountains and rolled crashing down to peaces. I was terribly upset because my camera helps me a lot in my work. I take pictures of a huge number of objects and views, which then helps me create paintings about the holy land.

And this time, everything that I saw everything that I felt all the 20 km that I went through the Judaean mountains did not have to be photographed but memorized. The Biblical Dead Sea is the most beautiful place on the globe and only 20 minutes drive from Jerusalem.

Even in ancient times, people were surprised by this place. The amount of salt is so huge that instead of sand, salt is at the bottom of the sea. Around the mountains are salt of all kinds of colors and shapes. The most amazing thing is that every year the shoreline continues to get smaller due to drought, about 1 meter a year. Walking along the shores of the Dead Sea, I suddenly realized how many interesting figures of salt can be seen how many ideas for paintings can be created about the Holy Land. A true wonder of the world.

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