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Painting: Jerusalem Light to the nations Welcome to our collection of reproductions. This page shows the various categories of Alex Levin’s reproductions. You’ll love the variety, details, and interesting subject matter in our collection of reproductions. Alex Levin reproductions can be shipped to most places around the world. If you have any questions about our reproductions, please let us know before purchasing. All of our reproductions come with a 100% guarantee against manufacturer defects. Buy a reproduction online with Alex Levin.
Painting: The Heavenly Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/the-heavenly-jerusalem/ Bursting with emerald greens and blues, this stunning Jerusalem painting looks at the old city. This unique view is filled with blue and green, which is so different than most paintings of Jerusalem. This “Heavenly Jerusalem” painting has fun details of Jerusalem, such as the ancient walls and fortifications. This is a lovely Jerusalem painting for those looking for a new look and green-blue color scheme for the Old City of Jerusalem. You can look at this painting a hundred times and still find something new.
Painting: Woman honoring the Shabbat This colorful modern Jewish painting features a woman covering her eyes after lighting the Shabbat candles. Cubist-like drawings of Jerusalem make up the background for this bold Jewish painting. The colors red and blue dominate the background, with touches of green. The woman is painted realistically, with her clothing showing cubist influences. The painting has a nice sense of balance, with the Jewish woman celebrating Shabbat at the center of this brilliant composition. For those looking for a modern Jewish painting featuring a woman, this is a very striking choice.
Painting: Jewish Dance “The Jewish Dance” is a modern Jewish painting that shouts joy! The men in this picture are delighting in the Lord and we can see by their expressions and body movements. The painting features many different colors, with abstract blue making up the background and a bright yellow lighting up the foreground. If you like modern paintings, you’ll really appreciate the abstract combined with the portraits. Sweeping brush strokes create the feeling of motion and sprays of color create even more depth and texture.
Painting: Simchat Torah Celebration A Jewish painting in dozens of shades of blues, this gorgeous painting “Simchat Torah Celebration” is a modern Jewish painting showing pure joy. Simchat Torah is a holiday when the Jewish people celebrate receiving the Torah. It’s one of the happiest holidays in the Jewish calendar. This bright painting highlights various shades of bright blue in an abstract background, while showing the Torah as surrounded by light. For a modern Jewish painting that shows happiness and celebration, this one stands out in its radiance.
Painting: Jerusalem – City of light and wisdom What a striking portrayal of Jerusalem! This modern Jerusalem painting is simply dazzling, with the cityscape of the Old City of Jerusalem laid out in bright red and cool bright blue. The colors of this modern look at the Old City start in cool blue in the foreground, merging into yellow, then oranges and orange-reds. The Old City walls are the star of this vivid look at Old Jerusalem. Ancient city walls painted with a modern touch create a delightful painting of the Old City that is perfect for many different types of decor.
Painting: Hanukkah – The Jewish Festival of Lights “Jerusalem of Gold 3” is a modern Jerusalem painting that is simply delightful. This radiant painting glows in yellows and neutrals of the Old City of Jerusalem. A sky colored blue and white sits above the typical Jerusalem architectural silhouettes. The main topic of the foreground is the wall of the Old City. This painting mixes the old beauty of Jerusalem with modern brushstrokes and techniques to create a colorful journey for the eye. The architectural features as well as modern brushstrokes are filled with exciting details.
Painting: Jerusalem of Gold same as above
Painting: The spirit of Jerusalem What a spirited painting of Jerusalem! “The Spirit of Jerusalem” is a modern Jerusalem painting. The main subject of this painting is a gate to the Old City of Jerusalem – Lion’s Gate. Lion’s Gate is a significant monument for Christians because it is the start of the traditional “Via Dolorosa” walk in Jerusalem. If you’ve been to Jerusalem and are Christian or wanted a bit of Christian history, you probably walked along the Via Dolorosa. There is nothing “Christian” about the gate, it just happens to be the start of this walk. Jewish people and people of all religions enjoy this painting of Lion’s Gate.
Painting: Jerusalem – Aspiration of truth “Jerusalem Aspiration of Truth Scaled” is a Jewish painting that shows the people coming to Jerusalem. In Hebrew, when someone Jewish moves to Israel it’s called “making aliyah,” or in English rising up. There’s a sacredness to Jerusalem and going there you can feel the spirit of the Lord. This Jerusalem painting is a modern look at Jerusalem that captures the way Jerusalem calls to the Jewish people. While the bottom of the painting, outside the walls of Jerusalem is dark, the top of the painting is bright and even radiant. What a gorgeous modern painting of Jerusalem!
Painting: Pathway to the Third Jerusalem Temple The Third Temple is a topic of paintings that look at the future. Rebuilding the Temple is a part of the Jewish story, but we’re not sure when it will happen. This striking painting shows the Kotel in brilliant blue and white, complimented by blue and white tallit. The blue and white is symbolic of Zionism and we can even see a Jewish Star on the gates of Jerusalem in the painting. The blue and white “present” juxtapost brilliantly with the spring green and medium green background, arguably the future/path to the future.
Painting: Light Unto the Nations “Light Unto Nations” features a 7-branched menorah. The menorah as it was in the Temple was a 7-branched menorah. Throughout the history of Judaism the menorah has been a symbol of the Jewish people, from the time of Moses until today. This golden radiant menorah painting is the emblem on the coat of arms for Israel. The menorah in this painting represents a menorah in the Third Temple. This beautiful menorah shines and sparkles, with abstract shoots of color bursting from its candlelight.
Painting: Awaiting the Coming of the Messiah When will the Meshiach (Messiah) come? We’re not sure when, but many Jewish people do believe that it will happen at the Golden Gate. This modern Jerusalem painting shows Jerusalem’s Golden Gate, also known as the Gate of Mercy. This sealed gate lies on the Eastern side of the Temple mount and has been closed in since medievaltimes. Originally closed in 810 by the Muslims, Christian Crusaders re-opened it in 1102, but then closed again by Saladin in 1187. In 1541 the Ottomans rebuilt the wall, but left the gate closed.
Painting: Gates of Mercy on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem The Golden Gate, or “Gates of Mercy” on the Eastern side of the Temple Mount are where many Jewish people believe the Messiah will return. This beautiful modern picture depicts this sacred place. Closed off first by Muslims in 810, the gate has been mostly bricked-up since and remains so today. If you’ve ever been on a tour in Old Jerusalem to this spot you might remember learning (if you hadn’t already) that those who believe the Messiah will come also believe that the closed-off doors don’t present a real obstacle. This bright and modern painting, features the Old City walls and ramparts in a rainbow of colors, with blue and yellow predominating.
Painting: Jerusalem at Night If you’re looking for a modern Jerusalem painting, this one is a vibrant choice. Set on a back background with splashes of muted yellows, the star of this painting is the Kotel and Old City architecture. Standing out in radiant beige that’s almost white, the Kotel draws the eye. But the more you look at this painting the more fun Jerusalem details you can find. From the silhouette of The Tower of David to the archetypical domed buildings of the domed city, “Jerusalem at Night” is a brilliant depiction of the Holy City at night.
Painting: Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel “Kabbalat Shabat at the Kotel” captures one of the most beautiful times to be at the Kotel. This Jerusalem painting takes the ancient features of Jerusalem and shows them with a modern twist. The background is not realistic, rather it’s a fascinating abstract juxtaposition of blues to shows the sky. The walls of the Kotel in this modern painting stretch out in modern paint sprays. If you’re looking for a modern painting about Shabbat in Jerusalem, this is a luminous choice sure to light up wherever you hang it.
Painting: One City of Three Faiths Jerusalem a sacred city for three religions Jerusalem is a Holy City for three faiths. This colorful Jerusalem painting shows elements from Jerusalem in a brilliant rainbow of modern shapes and paint sprays. Each color of the rainbow is represented in this modern depiction of some of the Old City of Jerusalem’s most famous landmarks. You can see the windmills, Tower of David, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the arches. The Gates of Jerusalem also make an appearance here, can you tell which ones are depicted where? This is a whimsical modern painting bursting with pigment.
Painting: Power, alluring to Jerusalem Discover Jerusalem in modern color. This gorgeous contemporary Jewish painting features the Old City of Jerusalem and tells the story of the building of the Third Temple. As you start at the bottom, you can see dark figures entering the Old City in a blur. They’re moving upwards through the steps to the Temple Mount. This beautiful abstract representation is filled with colorful details and surprises throughout. You’ll love this prophetic painting and its powerful message of hope and building the Third Temple.
Painting: Blue Euphoria “Blue Euphoria” is a Jerusalem painting in brilliant shades of Blue and White, hinting at the shades of the Israeli flag. This modern look at an ancient city is filled with brilliant sparks of white, with the brightest one at the top of the painting. Could this be the light of the Temple Mount shining where the Third Temple be? Or maybe it’s just the full moon shining down on the Holiest city in the world. This unique Jerusalem painting is just the answer for those looking for a Jewish painting in blue and white.
Painting: Emerge of a new day in Jerusalem What a compelling Jerusalem painting! This striking painting of Jerusalem features the Kotel in shades of purple and yellow. These unique color choices perfectly complement the yellow and orange sky. As with many Jerusalem paintings, there is a bright light coming from the Temple Mount, hinting of a Third Temple. The brilliant color choices, modern brush strokes, and modern paint techniques create a vibrant painting filled with abstract details that manage to impart the feeling of Jerusalem without realism.
Painting: Shabbat in Jerusalem For a modern Jerusalem painting with color, have a look at “Shabbat in Jerusalem.” This modern painting is geometrical, with round shapes and cubist-like transitions between objects and on objects and landscapes themselves.
Painting: Jerusalem Window For a modern Jerusalem painting with color, have a look at “Shabbat in Jerusalem.” This modern painting is geometrical, with round shapes and cubist-like transitions between objects and on objects and landscapes themselves. The subject of Shabbat is addressed gracefully, with two lit Shabbat candles standing as the subjects of this bold painting. This painting is filled with fun details of Jerusalem throughout, particularly those who can recognize the Jerusalem sites as they are represented in this painting.
Painting: Jerusalem Sensation “Jerusalem Sensation” is a beautiful painting of Jerusalem in vibrant blue and yellow. This cubist-like representation of the Holy city bursts with color and detail. The Old City of Jerusalem is painted on the East side, with the “Gates of Repentance” in the center. In this historical modern painting, the gates are open, which means it must have been before 810 when Muslim invaders bricked the gates. This contemporary painting shows iconic Jerusalem architecture and Old City walls, combined with pastoral hills and Olive tree groves on the East side of the Old City.
Painting: The sounds of Jerusalem Bursting with pastel rainbow colors, this contemporary Jerusalem painting is a delight to the eye. The Old City of Jerusalem walls are painted with modern strokes and sweeping bursts of colors create texture, depth and invite the eye to keep looking. The color range of the painting is bold, yet can blend in with many different types of decor. You can see some of the iconic Jerusalem gates and architectural shapes throughout this light and modern view of Jerusalem’s Old City. You won’t stop finding fun details in this modern Jerusalem work of art.
Painting: Jerusalem in motion “Jerusalem in Motion” is a striking modern Jerusalem painting bursting with bright colors creating the illusion of motion. For those looking for a Jerusalem painting with predominately purple colors, this one is really special in the way it uses purple tones throughout. The other dominant color in the painting is a red-orange, and finally, a bright beige. The modern paint strokes add so much perspective and texture to an ancient subject. The Kotel stands at the center of this contemporary painting.
Painting: Shema Yisrael throughout Jerusalem “Shema Yisrael Throughout Jerusalem” is a bold painting featuring bright blues, striking greens, and deep reds, with touches of purple and yellow. This modern Jewish painting shows “Shema Yisrael” in the sky, lit up in brilliant glowing green-yellow paint. You’ll love the modern and abstract features in this Jerusalem painting. Filled with architectural details, you can tell that it’s Jerusalem, even though this is a modern and somewhat abstract painting. You’ll love the details in both the architectural features and abstract paint strokes.
Painting: Steps to heavenly Jerusalem What a lovely modern painting of Jerusalem! “Steps to Heavenly Jerusalem” features the city of Jerusalem in deep blues and purples. If you know the architecture of the Old City of Jerusalem, you might be able to recognize the Tower of David and the various gates of the city, as well as the ramparts. Standing at the gate to Jerusalem is the Hebrew inscription in Psalm 137:5 “If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.” If you love Jerusalem, let this delightful painting remind you to never forget the Holy City.
Painting: Light of Jerusalem “Light of Jerusalem” is a modern Jerusalem painting bursting with color. Featuring the Kotel in the foreground and the Third Temple in the horizon, this beautiful painting imparts the feeling of Jerusalem with a modern touch. For those who appreciate contemporary Jewish paintings, this could be the next addition to your collection. While the painting is a modern one, the iconic shapes of Jerusalem are undeniable. Those who love the lines of the Old City of Jerusalem will love a new perspective on this classic subject.
Painting: Golden stones of Jerusalem “Golden Stones of Jerusalem” is a gold and red painting of Jerusalem that is unparallel. The gorgeous gold pigments create the Kotel in the background of a silhouette of the Old City of Jerusalem in deep reds. If you’re looking for red and gold painting of Jerusalem, this is certainly a special find that you shouldn’t pass up! The juxtaposition of red and gold create a stunning painting of Jerusalem that’s not only eye catching, but holds attention, presenting more and more details in the delicate brushstrokes building up texture and depth.
Painting: Ascending towards the Light “Ascending Towards the Light” is a striking painting of the Old City of Jerusalem, with the Third (or second?) on the Temple Mount aglow. The deep blues of the Old City walls are speckled with shades of robin’s egg and cerulean, creating a delightful texture that anyone who has seen a photo of the Old City walls of Jerusalem will recognize. The iconic shapes and textures of the Old City are filled with modern brush strokes and painting methods that add depth and modernity to this sacred subject. The yellow and blue color combination is simply gorgeous.
Painting: Sunrise in Jerusalem the City of David This modern Jerusalem painting is called “Sunrise in Jerusalem The City of David” and shows Jerusalem and the City of David. While the painting is a modern one with interesting brush strokes and contemporary paint application methods, the subject is very old. The mix of modern methods and semi-realistic paintings of iconic Jerusalem buildings and walls creates an interesting mix that invites the viewer to look for more. If you are looking for a Jerusalem painting, this one is certainly a striking choice.
Painting: Jerusalem – the center of the Universe If you’re looking for a panoramic-style Jerusalem painting stop right here and have a look. This gorgeous painting features the Kotel and Old City walls in brilliant neutrals, highlighted with whites and yellows on the Kotel itself. You’ll love the way modern paint application techniques combine with classical painting methods to create both a realistic and textured representation of the Old City and Kotel while also having strictly modern features. You’ll love the way this painting represents Jerusalem.
Painting: Alluring aura of Jerusalem’s Menorah “Alluring Aura of Jerusalem’s Menorah” is a Jerusalem painting looking towards the past when the menorah was in the Temple and also towards the future when the Third temple will be built. You’ll love the way that this painting captures the details of Jerusalem’s architecture and “aura.” The bright turquoise is a unique color for Jerusalem paintings, so if you love the way it looks together with purple and orange-yellow colors then don’t miss the chance to purchase this modern painting. Filled with details, this painting is stunning.
Painting: Jerusalem Vibes If you love abstract paintings and Jerusalem paintings, this is a unique offering. Featuring modern paint application methods, you’ll love the way modern methods combine with the features of the Old City of Jerusalem. This contemporary Jewish artwork shows three men on their way into the Old City. Are they going in the Gates of Repentance? Is the light at the top of the hill the Third Temple? The brilliant color choice along with the ultra-modern methods create a delightful contemporary painting of Jerusalem that so many can appreciate.
Painting: Jerusalem Rhapsody in blue An all-blue and white painting of Jerusalem, “Jerusalem Rhapsody In Blue” is a striking painting of the Old City of Jerusalem. The modern paint application methods and abstract paint strokes that make up the background are filled with interesting details. The patriotic colors of “blue and white” make up the Tallit and also the Israeli flag. If you love modern Jewish painting and are looking for an all-blue addition to your collection, this is a radiant choice bursting with the energy and life of Jerusalem.
Painting: Stones of the Kotel, Entry to Jerusalem This painting is an attention-grabber! You can spot this bright red and gold painting of Jerusalem from across a busy room. The bricks of the Kotel are painted in thick bright glowing gold pigment, while a deep red provides the details for the cracks and crannies. This modern Jerusalem painting has rich details of modern paint application methods throughout that are so fun to look at again and again. The brilliant red is a unique color, not so common in Jerusalem paintings. This one is sure to be a special one for Jerusalem painting collectors!
Painting: Projecting the astonishing energy of Jerusalem
Painting: The Coming of Moshiach
Painting: The Heavenly Jerusalem and the Earthly Jerusalem
Painting: Jerusalem, the place chosen by God
Painting: Streets in the Old Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/streets-in-the-old-jerusalem/ “The Streets in Old Jerusalem” painting is a colorful and spirited representation of the Old City of Jerusalem. Featuring all the colors of the rainbow dispersed on various Jerusalem Old City Landmarks, this painting is a delight to the eye. From afar, you can see the splashes of color, and up close, you can see that the buildings look like actual buildings and towers in the Old City of Jerusalem. If you’re looking for a colorful Jerusalem painting, consider “The Streets on Old Jerusalem” – it’s perfect for many different types of decor.
Painting: Bible Prophecy https://artlevin.com/product/bible-prophecy/ If you love bible paintings, this one is gorgeous! Featuring an imagined version of ancient Jerusalem and the second temple, this prophetic painting is filled with interesting details. The predominant colors are a bright cold, at moments seeming alit as if it were lava. The wall, painted in blue, seems to be an image of the Kotel. If you are looking for a prophetic style painting, this one bravely mixes past and present in bright gold and stunning turquoise. This is a unique painting and great for those who love prophetic paintings.
Painting: Shabbat in Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/shabbat-in-jerusalem/ Shabbat in Jerusalem is a striking painting that can be a beautiful addition to any room. The painting features Jerusalem landmarks like the Tower of David, the old city paths, and the ramparts of the Old City. If you love the colors blue, gold, and green together, this is a really rare find! The harmonious yellows of the natural Jerusalem stone are portrayed at night and glow. In the shadows, we see both green and blue, in a sea of architectural features characteristic of Jerusalem. What a special Jerusalem painting perfect for so many decors.
Painting: Indivisible Jerusalem
Painting: Surrounding Energy of Chuppah Ceremony https://artlevin.com/product/surrounding-energy-of-chuppah-ceremony/ This is a Jewish painting that celebrates one of the most important events in the Jewish life cycle – the wedding. Set under the chuppah, a Jewish couple says their marriage vows. This scene is a modern Jewish work of art, with modern marbling and special effects done as a frame for the wedding couple and wedding party. The wedding party stands on a striking red rug, which juxtaposed with the marbled blue background makes for a compelling painting, filled with eye-catching details, both in the portraiture and modern painting methods.
Painting: Jerusalem Syndrome https://artlevin.com/product/jerusalem-syndrome/ “Jerusalem Syndrome” is a contemporary Jewish painting that celebrates the past, but pairs it with modern methods. The center of the painting is the Old City of Jerusalem, a popular subject of both Jewish and Jerusalem paintings. The bright blue city and domed buildings form a shadowed landscape, enveloped by a yellow and orange dash of color. This phenomenal painting is a delightful addition to any modern room looking for a Jewish touch. The color scheme features surprising colors we don’t usually see in Jerusalem dancing in modern freeform – it’s a delightfully modern twist to a classic Jewish subject.
Painting: Mysteries of Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/mysteries-of-jerusalem/ This abstract painting of Jerusalem features the Old City, ramparts, Tower of David, and other architectural features typical to Jerusalem in vibrant blue and green. The bright blue, paired with snow-white paint creates a unique composition we don’t usually see in the paintings of Jerusalem. This uniquely modern painting of Jerusalem sits on an abstract background, with splashes of spring green, slate-y blue, royal blue, with hints of yellow and bold streaks of white. If you’re looking for an abstract Jerusalem painting, you’ll love this one.
Painting: Kever Rachel – In need for divine intervention https://artlevin.com/product/kever-rachel-in-need-for-divine-intervention/ Rachel’s Tomb (Kever Rachel) is a popular subject of Jewish paintings and highly collectible. This unique blue and white painting of Rachel’s Tomb is a fascinating modern painting of a classic Jewish subject. Rachel’s Tomb is known to be a place of comfort to the Jewish people, as it is the resting home of Rachel. Rachel was known to be the ideal Jewish mother and Kever Rachel is a popular prayer trek for fertility. You’ll love the modern look at this ancient place, beautifully set in the colors close to those of the Israeli flag.
Painting: Tomb of the Patriarchs Hebron https://artlevin.com/product/tomb-of-the-patriarchs-hevron/ The Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron (Hebron) is the topic of this beautiful Jewish painting. Featuring men in prayer, the real subject of the painting is the beautiful Tomb of the Patriarchs. Since its creation, this burial spot of the Jewish mothers and fathers is a popular place to come and pray. In this particular painting, we see many men praying under their tallit, but we don’t see their faces. The sky is spring green on one side and cerulean on the other. The abstract colors make the Tomb of the Patriarchs even more striking.
Painting: Jerusalem at Night https://artlevin.com/product/jerusalem-at-night-2/ You’ll be mesmerized by the details in this modern Jewish painting. Feating the Old City of Jerusalem and Jerusalem monuments, this beautiful painting is perfect for any decor. The modern abstract frame of the painting features blue, purple, and splashes of gold that add to the texture, dimension, and focus of the painting. If you’re looking for a modern Jewish painting, this is a delightful one that captures the past with a touch of the present with modern painting techniques. There are so many details in this exceptional painting!
Painting: Jerusalem of Gold https://artlevin.com/product/jerusalem-of-gold-3/ This modern Jewish painting of Jerusalem features the Kotel, surrounded by abstract blues and golds. This unique painting draws your eyes to the textured representation of the Kotel. The swarm of praying men creates a nice contrast to the neutral walls. You’ll love the modern and classic combined in this Jerusalem painting. The contemporary methods make this a popular item for those who collect Kotel paintings and are looking for a more contemporary view. Perfect for any decor where you need a gold and green painting!
Painting: Shema Israel https://artlevin.com/product/shema-israel/ In this contemporary Jewish painting, “Shema Yisrael” we see a man engaged in prayer, but with a modern twist. The gold and brown paints, applied in modern methods, create a unique background. If you like paintings of people praying and are looking for a more contemporary look, you have just found your new favorite painting! The delight of prayer is captured just perfectly in this detailed painting. You can feel the man praying and opening his heart in prayer just by looking at the painting. Predominant colors are blue and gold.
Painting: Streets of Tzfat-Safed https://artlevin.com/product/streets-of-tzfat-safed/ Tzfat, also called Safed, is a popular subject of Jewish paintings. Tsfat is a city in northern Israel and is has the highest elevation in Israel (900m). People associate Tzfat with the Kabbalah movement. It’s one of the “four holy cities” of Judaism. There have been people living there since antiquity. This beautiful painting of Tzfat shows an old man walking the streets of Tzfat. Instead of their natural brown, the painter represents the stone in cold blue tones. The interesting arches and lined paths, juxtaposed with the blocks from walls make for a really interesting painting.
Painting: Jerusalem Rising https://artlevin.com/product/jerusalem-rising/ This is a spectacular modern Jerusalem painting. This colorful look at the Old City walls and ramparts is bursting with color. Waves of abstract blues, greens, purples, yellows, and touches of orange spread out across the canvas of this contemporary Jewish painting. If you love paintings of Jerusalem and are looking for something with a modern touch, this abstract piece is certainly a special choice. You’ll love discovering new textures and representations in this abstract and detail-oriented painting.
Painting: The Tomb of the Matriarch Rachel https://artlevin.com/product/the-tomb-of-the-matriarch-rachel/ The Tomb of Rachel (Kever Rachel) is a popular subject of Jewish paintings. The burial place of the ideal Jewish mother, many stop to pay their respects, but also ask for guidance at Kever Rachel. This modern painting shows the ancient building, but drapes it in bubbling marbled and speckled and brushed abstract paint. The bright reds mixed with purples and blues create a unique color palate for an ancient place. If you love Jewish paintings and contemporary looks, this painting of Kever Rachel is the perfect choice.
Painting: If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/if-i-forget-thee-o-jerusalem/ This is a Jewish painting with striking colors, showing the Kotel and the Second Temple. The main colors of this painting are gold, blue, and white-gray. While the painting shows ancient Jewish sites and praying, the abstract background and brushstrokes make it modern. If you love modern paintings and Jewish paintings, this one has just the right mix. The eye is immediately drawn to the Second Temple in this beautiful biblical painting of Jerusalem, with a modern touch that’s sure to delight contemporary art lovers.
Painting: Next Year in rebuilt Jerusalem https://artlevin.com/product/next-year-in-rebuilt-jerusalem/ At the end of the Passover Seder, we say “next year in Jerusalem.” This painting is a biblical painting showing the second temple, an ancient Jerusalem landscape, men in prayers, the Kotel, and City Walls. The eternal light of the Second Temple shines bright and is the secondary focus, after the Kotel. The Kotel is shown in precise detail with a realistic texture that anyone who has been to the Kotel will remember. This gorgeous Jerusalem painting has many modern elements, like its abstract background at the top.

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