Sunrise behind the Kotel Painting
Painting: Zion Gate in Jerusalem This painting features Zion gate, which is one of eight gates in the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s also known as the “Jewish Quarter Gate.” This stately gate was built as a part of the “Cardo” street development in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was built in 1540 and stood strong through the years, guarding old Jerusalem. This unique Jerusalem painting print features Zion’s gate mostly sun-lit, with shade in the corner hinting at the edges of the day. The domed buildings of the background and hazy blue sky show a special view of Jerusalem from high in the sky above the Zion gate.
Painting: Sunrise by the Kotel Sunrise at the Kotel in Jerusalem is unforgettable if you’ve had the privilege of experiencing it, you’ve been very blessed. For those who want to remember sunrise at the kotel or just want a beautiful Jerusalem painting print, “Sunrise by the Kotel” is a bright, warm painting. The shapes, are angular compared to other views of Jerusalem that feature many domed building. The early morning sun paints a lovely picture over the Kotel and can be just the Jerusalem painting you’re looking for. Bring the magic of Jerusalem anywhere in the world.
Painting: Birds eye view of the Kotel This Jerusalem painting captures the magic of the Kotel that even visitors in person can’t see. Called “Birds Eye View of the Kotel,” this enchanting painting print shows a side of Jerusalem from the sky. This colorful painting shows an unusual view of Jerusalem’s kotel that’s delights viewers looking for a new angle to Old Jerusalem. The neutral color scheme is perfect for any decor and features both warm and cool tones for timeless style. Of all Jerusalem paintings, this one has a few special elements. First, the trees and grass bring a look of greenery not usually seen in Jerusalem paintings. Second, the entire width of the painting at the horizon showcases the mountains and hills hugging Jerusalem. The unique bird’s eye view leaves so many elements to discover.
Painting: View at the Kotel There are so many views of the Kotel to discover in our Jerusalem paintings. This Jerusalem painting features warm tones, with lots of sandy-colored buildings in both the foreground and midground. The background features both warm and cool colors as sandy hills meet gray-blue skies. This view of the Kotel shows a wider look, with the sun shining down and slight shadows. Enjoy the majesty the Kotel as well as architectural details of the ancient buildings surrounding the Kotel. Never forget Jerusalem with this beautiful painting print.
Painting: Jerusalem a city on seven Hills For a Jerusalem painting featuring the walls of the Old City, this one is just perfect. Called “Jerusalem a City on Seven Hills,” this long view of the city shows off the old city walls. Standing tall for centuries, Jerusalem’s Old City Walls make this Jerusalem painting stand out. The viewer’s perspective is from up on a hill, a few valleys from the Old City. For those looking for a Jerusalem painting with light blue or light green highlights, this is a lovely choice. The grassy hills bring yet another color scheme and view to Jerusalem.
Painting: The walls of Jerusalem Archaeology and history fans love this Jerusalem painting featuring the Old City walls and the Tower of David. The Tower of David, also called “the Citadel,” sits near the Jaffa Gate. The Tower of David is an important Jerusalem historical landmark with archaeological findings over 2,500 years ago. It’s one of the oldest monuments in Jerusalem. This unique view erases traces of modern roads and replaces them with winding paths of Old Jerusalem. The house in the foreground are a prime example of the architecture in Yemin Moshe, one of the first neighborhoods outside of the Walls of Jerusalem. This Jerusalem painting captures a special moment in time and preserves it for your enjoyment.
Painting: Holy Jerusalem Have a look at Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa with this Jerusalem painting. Gazing over the Greek Orthodox Monastery in the “Muslim Quarter” of the Old City of Jerusalem. A snapshot in time, this “Holy Jerusalem” painting captures Jerusalem as it was in the past. This painting features a variety of yellows, greens, blues, and grays and shows Jerusalem how it would have looked in pre-modern times. This unique view of the Via Dolorosa outside the walls of Jerusalem creates a visually interesting painting with exciting details of both natural and manmade features.
Painting: Sunrise in Holy Jerusalem One of our bestselling Jerusalem paintings, “Sunrise in Holy Jerusalem” is a bright, warm, cheerful view of the Kotel. Seeing the Kotel at sunrise is an experience many lucky people have while visiting Jerusalem. This painting print perfectly captures the morning sun exactly as it is in real life. This delightful print includes the sun, with rays of light pattering down on ancient Jerusalem. If you’re looking for a warm toned Jerusalem painting, this is an excellent option. The sun is not only bright, but the reflections from the foliage and architectural features reflect warm light.
Painting: Kotel at Night Jerusalem paintings at night capture another side of this ancient city. This painting print, “Kotel at Night” features a brightly lit Kotel and Kotel plaza in the foreground. The primary tones in the foreground are warm and sandy, as it is made from Jerusalem Stone. This painting captures details of the wall that only bright lights can show. This modern view of the Kotel is different than other views that erase signs of modernity. The lights in this painting bring extra detail, rich textures, and new colors and tones to the Kotel. Behind the Kotel, the Jerusalem sky is painted a cerulean blue and a light pink. The color combination of blue and pink captures a moment in time during the day when the colors of the Jerusalem sky change between the light of day and the darkness of night.
Painting: On the way to the Kotel “On the Way to the Kotel” is a Jerusalem painting with the view of the kotel you see as you descend. It’s a unique view that shows off a bright green grassy hillside overlooking the mens section of the Kotel. While it does feature people in the picture, they are pretty obscured but those with religious sensitivities about images of people should look closely before purchasing. One unique element of this Jerusalem painting is the ombre sky, fading from sky blue to the fringes of the sun. Sunrise prayers are one of the most important parts of the day for Jewish men and those lucky enough to live near the Kotel say their prayers at the Kotel.
Painting: Welcome to Jerusalem “Welcome to Jerusalem” is a Jerusalem painting that features three generations of a family walking together in their Shabbat clothing. This particular painting takes place in the past, in Jerusalem before the development of the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. Instead of buildings and highways we see winding dirt roads, rolling grassy hills, sheep grazing, and olive trees. While the roads are gone, you’ll recognize the Old City of Jerusalem wall and the Tower of David. Get lost in the beauty of Jerusalem with this painting. The painting takes place before sunset, with the crescent moon high in the sky already.
Painting: The center of the earth, the apple of His eye Looking for a Jerusalem painting with spectacular natural features as well as architectural? This stunning view of the Kotel looks at the sun shortly after sunrise with intense beams of sunlight shining across the painting. This Jerusalem painting captures a special time in the morning in Jerusalem when the rising sun burns off the fog that’s set down overnight. This painting shows both the sun and the final dissipation of the fog. Warm and bright, this painting is the perfect addition to many types of home decor that pair well with warm tones.
Painting: Sabbath walk by the David’s Tower Bright and airy, this Jerusalem painting “Sabbath Walk by the David’s Tower” features a bright blue sky that fades into clouds in the distance. Street lamps hint that this Jerusalem painting doesn’t take place during ancient times and there is a paved path with stones purposely-placed. Three men of varying ages are on a Sabbath walk in the shadows of the walls of the Ancient City of Jerusalem on the same side of the Old City as the Tower of David and what now is a small highway. What a beautiful look at Jerusalem.
Painting: Birkat Kohanim Celebrate the Birkat Kohanim (Priestly Blessing) with this beautiful Jerusalem painting. Observant Jews visiting the Kotel take place in this special blessing. This Jerusalem painting is a very close up view of the Kotel. This painting shows incredible detail on the stones of the Kotel, shadows, lights, and textures. Showing only the “men’s side” this painting shows men praying the Priestly Blessing at the Kotel. Because of the tallit (prayer shawls) of the men, this painting has more white tones that most paintings of Jerusalem.
Painting: Sunrise behind the Kotel Celebrate Jerusalem with a Jerusalem painting featuring sunrise at the Kotel. A favorite motif of Jerusalem paintings, you’ll love this version of sunrise at the Kotel. This view is from above and features a detailed look at the Jerusalem stones paving the descent to the Kotel from the Old City. It’s hard to put this painting in time, but you can see the Israeli flag in the foreground, so we know it’s after 1948. Featuring blue skies, bright sun, and warm Jerusalem stone, this painting can blend well with any home decor.
Painting: Old City at Night A Jerusalem painting that shows a wide view is our “Old City of Jerusalem at Night.” The skies in this painting are blue and pink, with nightfall not yet complete. While it’s not yet night, the lights are the Kotel are lit. This gives a simply delightful view of the kotel that highlights the texture of the ancient Jerusalem stones. This painting prominently features both mens’ and womens’ sections, but doesn’t really shoe details. The extra long image helps capture sides of Jerusalem that only extra space allows. This Jerusalem painting is unforgettable and you’ll never tire of finding new details.
Painting: Sunrise in Holy Jerusalem Jerusalem Painting
Painting: Jerusalem a City on Seven Hills A panoramic view of Jerusalem is simply stunning! This Jerusalem painting shows off the entire wall of the Old City of Jerusalem along with the surrounding hills. Painted with a vantage point from afar, this panoramic view captures so many different parts of Jerusalem. The majesty of Jerusalem spreads out along this paintings. Primarily featuring cool tones that include touches of bright green and gray, but a lot of light blue. For those who love Jerusalem paintings and want a new view with a different look, this is a gorgeous option with tons of head-turning details.
Painting: The Walls of Jerusalem “The Walls of Jerusalem” is a Jerusalem painting that peeks at the Old City walls from Yemin Moshe, which means that it’s at least 1892. That said, the image is noticeably missing items that mark it as modern such as roads and lights. The Tower of David stands tall in this long view of the Old City walls. This painting is also special because of the close up look at Yemin Moshe’s unique architecture. This painting features a mix of warm, cool, and neutral tones. This painting is a panoramic, please note the dimensions.
Painting: Holy Jerusalem Looking down at Via Dolorosa from a an olive grove above the Greek Orthodox Monastery, this gorgeous view of ancient Jerusalem is full of life. Whether it’s the bright green grass and twisty olive trees in the foreground of the rolling mountains and developments in the horizon, this Jerusalem painting is a visual delight. The cool tones of the Jerusalem sky, bright greens of the grass, and cool neutrals of Jerusalem stone create a decor-friendly inspirational painting that everyone can enjoy year-round.
Painting: Next year in Jerusalem The painting “The Next Year in Jerusalem” is a celebration of the phrase Jewish people say at the end of the Passover Seder. It’s a hopeful phrase that’s only said twice a year: at the end of the Seder and at the end of the Neila service on Yom Kippur. It expresses hope and freedom. THe painting takes place in modern times, but not today. You can see the Israeli flags, but no lights shining down on the Kotel.
Painting: Sunrise above the Kotel One Jerusalem painting people love is “Sunrise Above the Kotel.” Whether you’ve seen it in real life or just seen it in pictures and paintings of Jerusalem, you haven’t seen it like in this painting. Featuring beautiful blue and purples, with the Kotel still lit from the night, you’ll love the unique colors and rich textures. The Kotel stands tall in this painting and has a unique look because of the lights and early morning light.
Painting: Morning by the Kotel A popular theme in Jerusalem paintings, the morning view of the Kotel is a favorite motif. This painting shoes a view of the Kotel from afar, with touches of spring green in the foreground and cool blue and purple in the sky. “Morning by the Kotel” is a delightful addition to any room in need of a cool or neutral Jewish painting.
Painting: Roofs of Jerusalem The “Roofs of Jerusalem” painting is a beautiful panoramic style painting. It’s quite long and shows the beautiful horizon of the City of Jerusalem stretching wide into the haze of the rolling hills and mountains. This interesting painting includes a complete view of the Kotel, a lovely expanse of Old City architecture, beautiful rolling hills, and cerulean and pink skies.
Painting: Sunset over Migdal David The warm colors in this Jerusalem painting can help you almost feel the heat of the Jerusalem sun. This painting, called “Sunset Over Migdal David” shows sunset in Jerusalem, with the Tower of David (Migdal David in Hebrew) standing tall. Featuring olive trees and dusty hills in the foreground, you can see a large part of the Old City wall in this painting print.
Painting: The Garden of David For a unique Jerusalem painting at night, “The Garden of David” is an impressive choice. The deep blue sky speckled with stars compliments the light-speckled hills leading up to the horizon. The brightly lit buildings’ Jerusalem stone glow radiantly. The special colors and nighttime view make this Jerusalem painting quite unique.
Painting: Friday night at the Kotel Another Jerusalem painting at night is “Friday Night at the Kotel.” Set in modern times, the Kotel plaza is brightly lit, with the original stones glowing and the paved floor slick with light. The sky is blue and pink, adding a dimension of color that brings out a nighttime look to the stones in and around the Kotel.
Painting: City Walls One of our most neutral Jerusalem paintings, this lovely painting features tons of beige, tan, and brown tones complimented by grays and greens. The painting features a small flock of birds flying over the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s the perfect Jerusalem painting for any decor and is filled with details that make gazing at it again and again fun each time.
Painting: Synagogue Hurva at Night The Hurva Synagogue is in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s one of the most popular items in Jerusalem paintings after the Kotel. This colorful and bold representation of the synagogue is delightful to the eyes and is full of interesting elements. The painting takes place in modern times and the pillars you see in the foreground are the restored Cardo in the Old City of Jerusalem. The night sky shows hints of the waning sun, and has mostly transitioned to a deep blue dotted with stars.
Painting: Overlooking Migdal David If you’d like a Jerusalem painting with lots of foliage the painting “Overlooking Migdal David” is an lovely choice. The painting features a twisty olive trees, along with dozens of trees and bushes in various states of foliage and bloom. The varied landscape is looks lovely in dappled colors and Impressionistic like creations. The colors shine bright and the Jerusalem landscape is simply stunning in this pastoral Jerusalem painting. Perfect for many different decor types, this painting shows Jerusalem so perfectly.
Painting: Second Jewish Temple For a Jerusalem painting of the past, this “Second Jewish Temple” painting is a gorgeous choice. This detailed painting imagines what the Second Temple might have looked like in ancient Jerusalem. The golden neutral toned Temple sits as the main topic in this timeless Jewish painting. The cool blue sky has hues of grays from the smoke emanating from the burnt offerings in front of the Temple. If you’re looking for a Jerusalem painting that takes a trip back in time to ancient times, this is a lovely choice that truly shows the splendor of the Second Temple.
Painting: Morning on the Mount Zion in Jerusalem This Jerusalem painting is a beautiful landscape of Jerusalem from the perspective of Mount Zion. The foreground features a twisted ancient olive tree, so characteristic of the Jerusalem hills. A prickly cactus is joined by wildflowers in flashes of red, pink, and lavender. The subject of the painting looks from Mount Zion towards Jerusalem and can see the Old City walls.. Based on the buildings and lack of roads, this painting takes place sometime in the past. The unique color tones more from cool skies to warm neutrals in the Old City of Jerusalem. This painting is lovely Jerusalem painting perfect for any decor.
Painting: The court yard in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem A popular subject of Jerusalem paintings, Nachlaot is filled with interesting architecture and flora. In this picture, a family sits outside playing a board game while an old man looks on, hand on the boy’s kippah. The unique textured Jerusalem stones from Nachlaot architecture are captured perfectly in this painting of Jerusalem. The characteristic blue paint sits front and center, possibly the entrance to a synagogue. This picture is a lovely slice-of-life painting from Jerusalem. You can feel the warm glow of the sun and the crisp blue skys in this eye-catching Jerusalem painting.
Painting: Steps to Zion “Steps to Zion” is a light and airy Jerusalem painting showing the Hurva Synagogue and surrounding architectural features. This beautiful painting is full of shades of neutral hues that make up the Jerusalem stone throughout. The Hurva Synagogue is the star of the painting, its domed roof glowing on a clear Jerusalem day. If you like flowers and foliage, this is a fascinating painting, with the textures of the palm trees contrasting with flowering bougainvillea, and wildflowers neatly placed in a planter.
Painting: Our prayers have been answered This beautiful Jerusalem painting pictures a man praying and an image of the rebuilt temple. This neutral-toned painting has many elements that people just love about Jewish paintings. The typical architectural features of Jerusalem are in the foreground on the left, while the Kotel sits in the center. You can see the trees and hills of Jerusalem in the distance. In the foreground, a man is praying and looking up towards the bright blue sky and a vision of the Third Temple rebuilt – his prayers answered.
Painting: Street in the old City This charming painting of Jerusalem is a look at its beautiful architectural features. This painting is looking down a Jerusalem alleyway from inside an arch. The gorgeous beige and neutral tones are complemented by light green vegetation and a touch of pink bougainvillea. Light is dappling throughout the picture and it has a feeling of serenity and peace. A man walks up the alleyway, towards an effervescent light, presumably the Kotel or Temple Mount, as it is uphill and makes sense geographically.
Painting: Old Market What a unique Jerusalem painting! This look at Jerusalem in the past is dotted by signs and symbols of Jerusalem. It’s not clear when this painting takes place, but you can see signs of the past and a notable absence of modern touches like electricity. This festive painting shows the Kotel in the center, with its stunning neutral and beige stones rich with detail. The foreground features a Jerusalem marketplace, filled with traditional items sold in Jerusalem. This whimsical painting is delightful and full of enchanting details.
Painting: Birds Eye View of Jerusalem “A Birds Eye View of Jerusalem” is a painting of Jerusalem like no other. This interesting angle of Jerusalem takes us high in the sky where the birds fly. What would a bird see looking down on the Kotel? This painting imagines it and brings it to glorious life in color and details that do not disappoint. The color scheme mixes the neutrals and beiges of natural Jerusalem stone with the majestic purples and pinks and grays of the Jerusalem hills. You’ll love the unique angle of this Jerusalem painting.
Painting: Jerusalem of Gold Jerusalem is simply stunning in this painting “Jerusalem of Gold 2.” Looking out at the Old City of Jerusalem from the Jerusalem hills, we can see the city looking golden in the light of the sun. If you’ve been to Jerusalem, you know exactly what “Jerusalem of Gold” means when you see the way the sun interacts with the natural Jerusalem stones that compose not only Old City walls, but paved paths, arches, and so many architectural features in this natural stone that the entire city glows gold at certain times of the tay.
Painting: My Dream This Jerusalem painting is a painting of hope and dreams. The Jewish people dream of the Third Temple and this painting shows this feeling in striking green, beige, and blue. The foreground shows men standing just outside the Jerusalem gates, holding their hands up in praise towards the Third Temple. This painting is Jewish through and through and has a clear message of Zionism that makes it a statement as well as a lively and colorful Jerusalem painting. The rich details of the men, the city, and the Temple are eye catching and offer so much to see.
Painting: Over the hills, Peace and glory It’s hard to stop looking at this stunning Jerusalem painting. The rich details of foliage, blossoming almond trees, twisting ancient olive trees, and blooming flowers set the foreground for a portrait of Jerusalem’s Old City from the Greek Orthodox Church. This painting is a gorgeous representation of the hills of Jerusalem, Old City, and mountains that gently lead to the Dead Sea. The green with touches of pink perfectly complements the crispy blue partly-cloudy skies, creating a natural frame around the Old City. Simply gorgeous!
Painting: Migdal David The City of David Tower (Migdal David) in this Jerusalem painting looks amazing. The richly textured Jerusalem stone Old City walls are filled with nooks and crannies that evoke such a feeling of Jerusalem’s unique construction. Surrounding the Tower of David are spikey palm trees, twisting bushes, flowering trees, and a grove of olive trees in the distance right outside of the Old City walls. The sky is a gorgeous blue ombre and is dotted with fluffy clouds, creating a bright and optimistic mood.
Painting: Jerusalem, The Light of the World Jerusalem is indeed the light of the world! This Jerusalem painting, “Jerusalem, Light of the World,” is an outstanding representation of Jerusalem with a truly unique view. Set outside of Jerusalem in the hills, the view is from right behind a flock of sheep, looking over a valley, and onwards to the Old City. This beautiful painting captures sunrise in Jerusalem, which lends to so many beautiful tones and shadows. The golden city looks gorgeous bathed in the morning light! This is a happy painting filled with the morning light of Jerusalem.
Painting: Old Jerusalem behind the olive tree If you love the look of ancient olive trees, you’ll love this painting of Jerusalem. Set in the olive groves outside the city, it’s a joyful depiction of daily life right outside of the Jerusalem Old City. In the foreground is a huge twisted, textured, and gigantic olive tree that is simply majestic. In the distance sits the Old City of Jerusalem, and to the side the hills of Jerusalem. This beautiful painting is filled with details and captures the pastoral life that is going on just outside of Jerusalem.
Painting: The Golden Gate The Golden Gate of Jerusalem was once an actual gate to enter Jerusalem. This painting takes us back in time to when the gate was in use. A man walks his donkey along a road filled with ruts from cart wheels. You can see a big gnarled olive tree in the foreground and a grove of olive trees in the field right before the gate. This painting is a fun reminder that this gate was once in use. Some Jewish people believe that this is where the messiah will come to us – via the Golden Gate in Jerusalem.
Painting: Sunny day in Old Jerusalem Set in somewhat modern times, we can see the Hurva Synagogue of ancient Jerusalem on the left and a restaurant in the center of the painting. While it takes place in modern times, the buildings are all made of ancient Jerusalem stone and but for the hints of modernity, it could be anytime in Jerusalem’s history. You’ll love the way that bougainvillea festoons the restaurant and large trees provide a frame. For those that love Jerusalem paintings, this one is a great modern one that mixes the feeling of old and new.
Painting: Old streets of Jerusalem This Jewish painting “Old Streets of Jerusalem” is a beautiful portrait of three men walking together through the ancient streets. The three men seem to be on their way to or from Torah studies – could this be a Bar Mitzvah tutor and his students? While we see a lot of Jerusalem stone in this picture, and with interesting details and shadows, we also get to see a large bougainvillea festooning its way around the ancient buildings and falling into the pedestrian path. The painting is filled with gorgeous neutrals, with splashes of reddish-pink flowers and green foliate.
Painting: Peaceful life in Jerusalem This Jerusalem painting is charming, colorful, and whimsical. The Old City of Jerusalem is set in the distance, with its shape very clear, making up a huge part of the horizon. The painting itself is of a stairway in the residential neighborhood. Filled with charming signs of Jerusalem like iconic blue-green painted wrought iron architectural features. Blooming trees and vines surround the old-style building, creating a lovely blooming frame for its wrought iron and Jerusalem stone. This painting takes place near Rosh HaShanah – we know this because the pomegranate tree is bearing full and red juicy fruits.
Painting: Friday night by the Kotel This nighttime Jerusalem painting is striking. Filled with a purple, pink, and salmon-toned sky, the sun is coming up, but it’s not quite up yet. Tisha B’Av is a sad day, when many people come to the Kotel to pray about the loss of the Second Temple. This particular Tisha B’Av takes place during modern times, as we can see a brilliantly-lit Kotel and Kotel plaza. The Israeli flag is flying gently in the middle of the plaza, overlooking a Tisha B’Av crowd for sunrise prayers at the place where the Second Temple once stood. Jerusalem is a super special place to be on 9 Av!
Painting: Way to the Holy City. The dream came through Ancient Jersusalem is stunning in this Jerusalem painting “Way to the Holy City.” The scene is immediately set in ancient times before there were settlements outside of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. Trails traverse the hills and valleys, leading to Jerusalem set high up on a plateau. This painting captures the beauty of the green hills, the city of gold, and the sandy mountains leading to the Dead Sea all in one view. Rays of light shine through the clouds, creating a holy atmosphere over the holiest city on Earth.
Painting: Afternoon wander round the Walls Have you been to Jerusalem and wandered around the walls of the Old City? This bright and cheerful painting captures a view of Jerusalem from the paths outside its walls. The greenery of Jerusalem juxtaposes so beautifully with the natural Jerusalem stones that comprise the walls of Jerusalem. The blue sky is light blue and has some clouds, but the day is mostly sunny here in Jerusalem. Based on the iconic red and white Egged bus at the foot of the hill, this painting is in modern times, but not today.
Painting: Taking the granddaughter back to school into Jerusalem after the Chanukah holidays The beautiful Jerusalem winter is the subject of this stunning Jerusalem painting. Have you seen Jerusalem in snow it doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does it’s quite a sight! This painting is set in ancient times, as we can see by the fact that there are not any buildings outside of the Old City of Jerusalem. This snowy scene shows the entirety of the Old City during ancient times, from the side of the Gate of Mercy/Golden Gate. This gate welcomed travelers during ancient times. This detail-filled painting of Jerusalem in the winter can look great anywhere.
Painting: Snow by the Kotel For a Jerusalem painting that takes place in winter, this one is a fantastic choice. The wintry sky is gray and blue with hints of red (a pending sunrise?). It’s so unusual to see the Kotel and Jerusalem covered in snow, which is why this painting is so special. The bright white snow provides an interesting juxtaposition with the natural browns and beiges of the Kotel and Jerusalem stone. If you’re looking for a painting of Jerusalem in the winter, this one is an excellent choice with endless details to enjoy.
Painting: Snow by the Kotel It’s such a special occasion to see snow at the Kotel. While Jerusalem does get cold, it doesn’t snow but for maybe once or twice a year so it’s really a sight to see. This painting shows a nearly empty snow-covered Kotel and plaza. By the placement of the cars parked in the picture, we can tell that it takes place during modern times. If you’ve never been to the Kotel in the snow, this painting can help you feel what it might be like. Bright whites, grays, and beiges coalesce in this stunning portrait of the Kotel in snow.

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