Jewish Lenticular art

In my artistic journey, I’ve always been drawn to the timeless allure of traditional oil painting. The smell of turpentine, the feel of the brush against canvas—it’s a process that has captivated me for years. But recently, I’ve embarked on a new artistic adventure, one that merges the familiar strokes of oil on canvas with the cutting-edge technology of lenticular art.

Lenticular art represents a fascinating convergence of tradition and innovation, and for me, it all begins with the humble Triangle Dowel. Unlike the traditional lenticular lens effect, which relies on specialized lenses, the Triangle Dowel creates a true three-dimensional experience. With this tool in hand, I set out to explore the possibilities of this exciting medium.



Jewish Lenticular art
Judaic Lenticular Art by Alex Levin

The process starts with selecting two of my best Jerusalem paintings, each brimming with its own unique story and emotion. These paintings serve as the foundation for my lenticular masterpiece, providing the raw material from which I’ll craft something entirely new. With precision and care, I begin to weave these two worlds together, layering them to create depth and dimensionality.

What emerges is nothing short of magical—a piece of art that transcends the confines of traditional painting. As viewers move around the artwork, their perspective shifts, revealing new angles and hidden details. It’s a dynamic experience that invites exploration and discovery, drawing the viewer deeper into the heart of the piece.

But beyond its technical complexities, lenticular art holds a deeper significance for me. It’s a testament to my ongoing journey as an artist, a constant quest to push the boundaries of my creativity and imagination. Inspired by the pioneering work of Yaacov Agam, whose kinetic art captivated audiences with its dynamic visual effects, I sought to explore new dimensions of artistic expression.

In a world where art is constantly evolving, lenticular art stands as a testament to the enduring power of human ingenuity. It’s a celebration of both the past and the future, a bridge between tradition and innovation. And as I continue to explore this captivating medium, I’m excited to see where this journey will take me, and what new realms of artistic expression await.

So, the next time you find yourself drawn to a piece of art, take a moment to consider the stories that lie beneath the surface. For in the world of lenticular art, the possibilities are truly endless, inviting us to see the world in a whole new dimension.


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